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Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of UpperCervicalMarketing.com
“I love upper cervical! And I think it’s time that the world knows about this powerful form of healthcare. The Internet is the place to connect with people who are looking for help and present our unique upper cervical approach that we have at just the right time.”

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Dr. Bill Davis


Is ANALYSIS PARALYSIS killing your Upper Cervical Practice growth?

ANALYSIS PARALYSIS is killing your Upper Cervical Practice We have all likely heard the term analysis paralysis which is the delay produced from overthinking a decision. Sometimes this paralysis analysis leads to you being unable [...]

How to Improve Re-Activations and Referrals For Your Upper Cervical Practice

Upper Cervical Practice Growth In order for your practice to grow 2 things need to happen; you need to consistently attract new patients and you need to retain the patients that you have. It’s really [...]

You Are Not Allowing Your Upper Cervical Practice to Grow

You Are Likely the Problem Is your practice stagnate? Have you been seeing the same number of patient visits and collecting the same amount for years? Unfortunately in these cases frequently YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. But [...]

How the Name of Your Upper Cervical Practice Can Impact Your Marketing

Naming Your Upper Cervical Practice When choosing the name of your upper cervical practice it is vital that you take into account the possible perceptions and branding implications of your practice name. Unfortunately the term [...]

Creating a Culture of Social Proof for Your Upper Cervical Practice

The Power of Social Proof In the book Influence psychologist Robert Cialdini discusses the power of social proof and how we rely on others especially in foreign environments or environments that we are not confident in [...]

How Your Logo and Color Scheme Can Impact Your Upper Cervical Marketing

Upper Cervical Marketing When marketing your upper cervical practice it is crucial that you choose the right colors and design elements in your logo, website, marketing collateral and color scheme. The most important [...]