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Meet Dr. Bill Davis

Dr. Bill Davis

Founder and CEO of UpperCervicalMarketing.com

“I love upper cervical! And I think it’s time that the world knows about this powerful form of healthcare. The Internet is the place to connect with people who are looking for help and present our unique upper cervical approach that we have at just the right time.”

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Dr. Bill Davis


Announcing New Upper Cervical Practice Job Board!

To submit your listing on the job board email tony@uppercervicalmarketing.com with what you are looking to do and your contact information including website, email, and phone number, along with any pictures that you would like [...]

Top 10 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas for 2017

Top 10 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas for 2017 To grow a chiropractic practice in 2017 you must have a well-thought-out and intentional marketing plan for marketing your chiropractic practice both internally and externally on an ongoing [...]