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Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of UpperCervicalMarketing.com
“I love upper cervical! And I think it’s time that the world knows about this powerful form of healthcare. The Internet is the place to connect with people who are looking for help and present our unique upper cervical approach that we have at just the right time.”

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Dr. Bill Davis


2016 Upper Cervical Practice Survey Results

2nd Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey Our second annual survey had 227 participants answer 11 questions about best practices of  2016. As opposed to our 2015 survey which only had 107 participants. Question #1 How [...]

How to Gain Freedom in Your Upper Cervical Practice

Freedom is Possible in Your Upper Cervical Practice One of the most common challenges doctors are expressing in our 2016 Upper Cervical Practice Survey is a lack of freedom in your upper cervical practice. If [...]