3 Chiropractic Advertising Ideas for Your Upper Cervical Practice

Chiropractic Advertising Ideas

BJ Palmer advertisementBJ Palmer once said:

Early to bed, early to rise,’ Work like hell- and advertise, ‘Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

I believe these are good words to live by what it comes to being an upper cervical chiropractor. It is important that you continually look for new ways to market and advertise your upper cervical practice.

The thing about advertising is that not all types of advertising are effective in all areas. So many times you have to try different things in order to see what works for your clinic in your community. There are some areas that newspaper advertising still works very well. Even in Southern California in 2008-2009 I had great success with newspaper ads. After that time online advertising became so much more cost-effective for my practice. But in your area, newspaper ads still may be worth it.

So keeping that in mind here are 3 chiropractic advertising ideas for you to consider implementing for your upper cervical practice.

Facebook Advertising

Recently, moz.com had an excellent article on why every business should spend at least at $1 per day on Facebook ads. Facebook ad marketing is a totally unique opportunity when it comes to advertising your practice. There are several things about Facebook ads that have never before been seen together:

  • They can reach as many people or more people as radio or TV.
  • They have sophisticated targeting, allowing you to get very specific with your ideal patient persona.
  • The minimum spend is just $1 per day.
  • They are the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions ad in history. They average around $0.25 per 1,000, which is only 1% of the cost of cable TV ($7 per thousand impressions), radio is about $8 per thousand impressions.

In other words, Facebook ads for your upper cervical practice are mega-awareness raising, have good targeting, require very little commitment, and are unbelievably affordable.

Yelp Advertising

Yelp is a website where people can leave reviews for local businesses that are publicly viewable to others. Yelp is not my favorite organization because I believe at times their filtering practice is ridiculous and unfair to good doctors. But in some areas Yelp can be a very effective form of advertising. Some communities rely heavily on yelp reviews in order to make decisions and when you advertise on yelp, you tend to get more people who are regularly on yelp. People who regularly use yelp tend to leave reviews on yelp. When you get more good reviews on yelp you get more business from yelp. So it can be a good opportunity in some areas.

Groupon or Living Social

Groupon and Living Social are both similar in that people who are signed up with them will receive emails with special offers or deals for them to be able to take advantage of. Generally it’s some sort of a discount offer for a 1st visit for a 1st visit with a massage, etc. Some doctors have done very well with these types of offers. Once again, it depends on your area and how frequently people utilize this type of website.

The problem with these types of websites is they require you to offer a substantial discount in order to really get a good response. This type of discounting may not be the way you want to present your upper cervical office.

So it is important that you market and advertise your practice, both internally and externally, both online and off-line, so that your community can know about the power of upper cervical.

To learn more about how to effectively market your practice online, download our free e-book The essential step-by-step guide to Internet marketing for the upper cervical chiropractor, below:

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