3 Essentials to Success of any Chiropractic Marketing Program

Chiropractic Marketing Programs: 3 Essentials to Success

3 essentials to success of chiropractic marketing programsFor over 12 years now I have been involved with the marketing of chiropractic. First as an associate, then as a clinic director and now as an online marketing agency owner and I found that there are three essentials to the success of any marketing program that you could possibly do for your chiropractic practice.

I believe that if your marketing approach fails for your upper cervical practice it’s because of one or more of these essentials.


The first essential is commitment.

If you are not committed to the marketing approach that you are taking then it will fail or at best it will not work as well as it could if you were committed.

It’s not enough to just be involved in the marketing approach that you’re doing.

The chicken was involved the pig was committedIt’s like that old saying about ham and eggs. The chicken was involved but the pig was committed.

If you are attempting to market your practice in any way make sure you fully commit to the process of succeeding and not just be involved in it.

Here’s one example.

If you are a client of ours and are running one of our online marketing programs for your upper cervical practice then we will ask you to get us video testimonials from your practice in order for us to use in your online marketing. We have found that it is an extremely important aspect of social proof to have video testimonials in our system and we use them in lots of different ways.

We will give you all of the questions to ask and the recommended equipment and everything else that we know to help you get the best possible video testimonial but ultimately it’s your responsibility to get these video testimonials recorded and sent over to us so we can put them into your system.

For the most part, our clients are fantastic at getting us these video testimonials and we really see a dramatic improvement in conversion and results when we have these.

But every once in a while we will have a client who we will tell about the importance of video testimonials before we ever launch their program and then continue to tell them month after month after month while we are running their program and we never get video testimonials from them.

These are also unfortunately usually the doctors who are complaining about their results and eventually cancel.

This is an example of a lack of commitment resulting in a lack of results with a marketing approach.

Another example would be if you decided to focus on professional referrals.

So you go out and meet five different health professionals and over a six month period of time and you refer 2 people to these five health professionals and at the end of that six months, you say that professional referrals didn’t work in your area because you never got a referral from any of these health professionals.

This is an example of being involved but not committed.

To succeed with professional referrals you need to refer a lot more people to the health professionals that you are working with than you are ever going to get back.

For more information about this subject check out an interview I did with Dr. Jeff Scholten the master of professional referrals.

So the first essential to success is commitment. Commit to your marketing approaches completely.


Strategy for chiropractic marketing The next aspect of success is the strategy.

Once you are fully committed to your marketing approach you then need to develop a strategy that is going to be effective in executing that approach.

Once again let’s use the example of online marketing.

If you are fully committed to blogging for your upper cervical practice and decide to write a blog post for your website one time a week for three months and are expecting to get five new patients per month from your blogging efforts you are going be very disappointed.

Blogging is an important part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy and it is something we do for every single one of our clients but blogging alone is not enough. We have found that blogging is about 5% of what you need to be doing in order to consistently generate new patients online. Blogging helps to improve search engine optimization and provide you with content you can share on social media but as a direct new patient generating strategy it is not very effective.

So even if you executed perfectly on your strategy and you never missed a week of blogging for three straight months the chances that at the end of that time you had generated 15 new patients for your upper cervical practice is about zero.

So once again just because you are committed to a marketing approach does not mean it’s going to succeed you must have the right strategy in place along with the commitment and the last essential to guarantee success.


The last essential of success for any marketing approach that you do for your chiropractic practice is your market.

Different markets will have a different response to different marketing approaches.

For instance, some markets may respond extremely well to lunch and learn workshops while other markets may not. Some markets may respond well to business surveys while other markets will not.

The key is to find an effective strategy that has worked in another market and fully commit to it in your market and then see how well it will succeed. If it does not succeed then it is either your strategy or your market that is the problem. You can attempt to change your strategy and see if you get a better result or move on to a different approach to test in your market.

To use an online marketing example some markets such as San Francisco it is extremely important to get yelp reviews and it is a major factor in how many new patients you can generate online. But in many small markets across the United States yelp is a nonfactor and is a complete waste of time and money to focus on at all.

This is why it is very important that you connect with other people who understand strategy and market when you are moving into a new marketing approach. If you want to attract new patients through speaking then find someone else who is doing it effectively and learn from them. If you want to attract new patients from the Internet than talk with us. We have helped upper cervical doctors attract over 7000 new patients over the past four years and we know what works and what doesn’t.

But the important part of ALL marketing for your upper cervical practice is to make sure that you are fully committed, you have the right strategy in place and your market is receptive to your marketing approach.

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