3 Upper Cervical Chiropractic Marketing Tips For You to Implement Now

Promote Your Upper Cervical Practice

marketing tipsTo have a successful upper cervical chiropractic practice it is important that you are consistently marketing your practice, both internally and externally. One of our goals atuppercervicalmarketing.com is to provide you with actionable strategies for you to implement in your practice in order to promote referrals and new patient attraction.

This week were going to take a look at 3 upper cervical chiropractic marketing tips that you will be able to implement right away in your upper cervical practice: online reviews, internal marketing with upper cervical specific books, and video testimonials.

Online Reviews

Having a consistent online reviews strategy is an important part of improving patient compliance, referrals and new patient acquisition from the Internet. Previously in this blog we talked about the when, how and why of online reviews.

When someone leaves you an online review on Google or yelp or one of the other online review sites, it does several things. One is it reminds them of how satisfied and excited they are about you and your office. Any time that you can remind someone of the great results they got you are more likely to turn that fan into a new patient evangelist.

Another important reason to get online reviews is that Google loves to show online reviews in search results. So every online review you get will be an opportunity for more people to find your clinic through the Internet.

Internal Marketing with Upper Cervical Specific Books

Utilizing upper cervical specific books such as What Time Tuesday by James Tomasi is an excellent way to promote your upper cervical practice within your community. If you have never read James Tomasi’s story, it is extremely powerful and he is an incredible advocate for upper cervical.

I would recommend purchasing a case of his books, and just giving them away on a consistent basis in your practice to both new and existing patients. The more of these types of books that are in your community, the better patient compliance, excitement and understanding of your care and patient referrals you will receive.

what time Tuesday?

Video Testimonials

Video can be a powerful medium for conveying emotion, especially when someone is talking about how their life has been changed. A page full of text on your patient results section of your website will have little effect on a prospective new patient. But, a video testimonial where a real person talks about how their life has been changed as a result of your care can be very powerful. Is important that you emphasize with in the video testimonial how their life was before they started care with you and how their life has changed now. What are they able to do now that they weren’t able to do before?

When you communicate the need behind the need, it is a much more powerful effect on a potential new patient, as opposed to just talking about symptoms. Symptoms may be important in the keyword optimization that is done for the video, but the actual video itself should be focused on the benefits that the person has received from your care.

So here are your action steps for this week:

  • devise an online reviews strategy and discuss it with your staff in your team meeting
  • order a case of What Time Tuesday book’s
  • film your first video testimonial

Once you have created your video testimonial you can send it to us and we will edit it to make it look fantastic, optimize, distribute and promote it for you. Just click the button below to learn more about our video testimonial optimization, promotion and distribution service.

Upper Cervical Marketing Tip of the Week

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