How Much Is Your “Cheap” Chiropractic Website Costing You Really?

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Cheap sloganChiropractic website companies most common business plan is a recurring fee base model. Where you pay a low start up or sometimes no startup fee and then just pay a monthly fee for your website.There are a ton of different chiropractic website companies out there that have this template-based and recurring fee model. Why is that? Because it’s a profitable way to have a chiropractic website company. But is it the best for the doctor?

An important question to consider is “how long do you plan on having this website?” Most doctors want to have a website for years to come…most likely for the entire time they are in practice.

So is a monthly fee based website service the best idea for your practice?

Let’s look at the real costs of 3 of the most popular chiropractic website companies (for the sake of this article we are only going to focus on the website design and hosting aspect of these companies, this does not include any additional services such as social media management and posting, blogging, off-site search engine optimization, paid ads etc.):

Chiropractic Website Companylow-priced companymedium priced companyhigh-priced company
monthly fee$40 per month$100 per month$200 per month
one year cost$480 in year one$1200 in year one$2400 in year one
3 year cost$1440$3600$7,200
5 year cost$2400$6000$12,000

You can see that very quickly a “cheap” chiropractic website can get very expensive.

Do You Own Your Website?

There is another factor involved. Do you own your website? Most template-based chiropractic website companies own their websites. Meaning that if you have been with the medium price company in this example for 3 years and have paid $3600 for your website and then decide to move to a different company or have a company build one for you that you will own, you lose everything on that website. Some companies even own the domain name so you will lose your domain name and everything that goes with it as well. This puts the doctor in a very precarious position. They don’t like having to continually pay for their website every month but they also don’t want to lose everything that they’ve done on that particular website.

Does Your Website Reflect Your Upper Cervical Practice?

Johnson Spinal CareAs the only upper cervical specific web development and online marketing company out there we can confidently tell you that you will not get an upper cervical specific website from anyone but us. This is not boasting it is just fact. All other website companies will give you their basic general chiropractic content and you will have to modify it yourself in order to make it upper cervical specific and specific for your practice. And once again you have placed all that content on rented space. Not a website that you own but just one that you are leasing for now.

Another Option

There is another way. A way that you can own not rent your website and have the website reflect your unique upper cervical perspective and practice. Our custom upper cervical specific websites are exclusively created for upper cervical doctors. They are completely owned by the doctor. You pay a one time fee for an upper cervical website of $1199 or $1499 for a custom website and custom whiteboard video (even less for our lead generation clients). We build it for you on an mobile friendly, easy to update WordPress platform and with full on-site search engine optimization included. If you have additional questions about our website design service feel free to go to our frequently asked questions page.

Now of course we recommend our online marketing services to truly get the most out of your website and online marketing. But for those of you that just want a website why continue to pay for it month after month after month and instead pay for it one time and own it?

To learn more about our upper cervical chiropractic websites including examples go to

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