The Pros and Cons of Template-based Chiropractic Websites

Chiropractic Websites

head and neckA website is essential for your chiropractic practice. But which chiropractic website company should you choose? There are 3 main options for websites for your chiropractic practice:

  1. a template-based chiropractic website
  2. have a website designer design a website for you from scratch (i.e. that website designer from your networking group, church, that family friend etc. :-))
  3. a website design by an online marketing company that specializes in chiropractic (or specifically upper cervical :-))

Template-based Chiropractic Website Companies

Onlinechiro, Perfect Patients, Chiromatrix, Chiro planet, Chiro hosting, Now You Know Etc. all have a very similar website design model whereby they charge you a relatively small fee to set up a website and then charge you monthly for that website on an ongoing basis. The websites are template based because typically they will have a number of different templates that you can choose from and then they just plug-in your information and you are good to go. Some of these website companies can set you up in a few days with the website. A template-based chiropractic website company will charge you somewhere between $39 and $200 per month depending on the bells and whistles that you have attached to your website.



  • there is an ongoing monthly fee as long as you have a website with them
  • lack of control of hosting and possibly domain name depending on the company
  • boilerplate general chiropractic content must be edited in order to fit your specific practicing style
  • duplicate content articles either hurting your website search ranking results or are not indexed and are basically useless
  • the website will not generally be part of a online marketing strategy

What This All Means

If you get a website from a template-based website company and you decide to cancel with them you may or may not be able to retain your domain name you also will not have any control of your hosting which can cause a variety of issues. The content on the website may or may not be what you’re looking for to present your unique practice.


A Website Designer

Chiropractic Web DesignWe all know website designers. We go to church with them, we have friends that are website designers, we are in a networking group with a website designer, our Uncle Larry designs websites on the side etc. Websites designed by a website designer can range anywhere from $500 all the way up to $5000 or more depending on the website designer.


  • you will frequently be able to purchase your domain and control your hosting
  • you can control your content
  • it is a one time fee


  • high cost up front
  • website designers do not necessarily know anything about search engine optimization
  • you frequently will have to create all of your own content which can be time-consuming or trust someone who knows little or nothing about chiropractic to write the content for you
  • it is slow…website designers may take anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months to design your website
  • the website is not updated with the latest search engine optimization
  • the website does not have ongoing content being produced for it…these are frequently static sites unless you write the content yourself
  • the website will not generally be part of a online marketing strategy

What This All Means

If you get a website from a website designer you will usually pay a few thousand dollars upfront which may or may not include search engine optimization. You usually will need to create most of the content yourself and create content on an ongoing basis along with keeping up with search engine optimization changes in order to keep the website relevant in the search results.


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