Online marketing is critical to the success of a chiropractic practice today and will continue to be going forward. Recently our team at Upper Cervical Marketing reached out to 10 Chiropractic Internet Marketing Experts and asked 3 important questions about what’s working with Internet marketing today, what trends can we expect in 2017 and what was working that isn’t working anymore. You will get a ton of value from this article as these 10 experts share inside knowledge.

By far the most effective new patient generating strategy in 2016 is online review generation. Followed by video creation, Facebook advertising and having an optimized website according to our experts.

How this article is structured is we will highlight one question at a time, give you a breakdown in graph form of the answers and then give the actual answers to the questions from the 10 experts.


Question #1: What is the most effective new patient generating online marketing strategy right now?

Chiropractic Internet Marketing Best Practices

Our Chiropractic Internet Marketing Experts

Matthew LoopMatthew Loop, DC Income

“In my opinion Facebook advertising is the best way to attract new patients at present.”


Bill Davis, chiropractic Internet marketing expertBill Davis, Upper Cervical Marketing

A comprehensive online marketing strategy is the most effective approach to online marketing today. This includes building social proof with online reviews and video testimonials. Creating an integrated funnel with Facebook ads, landing pages and email auto responders.

A search engine optimized website is also important ideally built on WordPress that is responsive and mobile friendly. Video is also a very important part of online marketing today. Facebook is giving priority to both live video and other types of video as well. Doctor generated videos are becoming more and more important.”


Steve AnsonStephen Anson, Perfect Patients

“The most effective online marketing strategy for a chiropractor is a high-converting practice website. Website design that “connects” with their target patients and content that “persuades” them to convert!  Then, and only then, does it make sense to invest in traffic strategies like SEO, PPC, referral sites, etc.”


Mike HamiltonMike Hamilton, Inception Chiropractic Websites

“There are two ways that I see our clients bring in new patients online.  The first is that they have to have a top ranking website that provides the patient everything they need to see in about fifteen seconds.  If it’s hard for a potential new patient to navigate the site you’ve already lost them.

The second thing that can produce some new patients is paid Google Adwords advertising.  The return is not that good, but it can produce a small ROI if you’re looking for a few extra new patients.  Watch out for the Facebook hype that’s going through the profession right now.  It’s not at all effective for chiropractic or any of the symptoms that chiropractors can treat.”


Matt PRADOSMatt Prados, Gotcha Local

“Ranking #1 in google maps with 50+ reviews and #1 organic.  With the highest possible conversion rate.”


Patrick MacNamara