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Attracting New Patients: Still the #1 challenge for upper cervical doctors


Effectively reaching sick and suffering people can be a real challenge. More of the world needs to know you exist and can help!

Marketing helps to drive business whether it’s internal, external, face to face, or online. And marketing done RIGHT can really position the UC doc as the go-to doc in their community. Over the years we have had the privilege of serving upper cervical doctors to reach more people, look great online and ultimately love their marketing.

Here is a newly updated list of 101 marketing ideas that will help you get the ball rolling or fill some gaps. Browse away, pick what fits your practice, and don’t be afraid to try some ideas. More people need your help!

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#101 – Blogs

Increase your SEO results, create great online content and improve awareness

#100 – Guest Blogging

Further improve your SEO without doing more work

#99 – Upper Cervical Directories

There are a number of UC directories and you should be on as many as possible

#98 – YouTube Marketing

YouTube has a big audience and you can use it to attract new patients

#97 – Dominate Online

Move your practice to being an online marketing juggernaut and dominate

#96 – Analyze Your Market

Know your specific market, how you rank amongst the competition and how to get results

#95 – Have a Marketing Plan

Fail to plan and you plan to fail…learn how to plan for growth

#94 – Medical Doctor Referrals

MDs who understand the value of UC care can give you a steady stream of professional referrals

#93 – Referral Statements

Have a standard system for asking for referrals for you or your team

#92 – Quarterly Referral Contest

Make referrals fun in your office and help patients to “get it”

#91 – Communicate Your Passion

Learning how to effectively communicate your passion has huge impact on all marketing

#90 – Practice 3 Essentials to Success

Learn 3 essentials to success in a chiropractic marketing program

#89 – Get a BHAG

A big, hairy, audacious goal can unite and be a driving force for you and your team

#88 – Improve Your Awareness

Help your community know you exist and how you can help

#87 – Improve Reactivations

Learn why people drop out of care and how to win them back

#86 – Avoid 3 Common Mistakes

Improve your new patient conversion by avoiding these mistakes

#85 – Focus on Conditions

Avoid technical jargon and focus on conditions that people are suffering from

#84 – Address 5 Key Questions

Know the top 5 asked questions and address them in your marketing

#83 – Focus on Value

Learning how to focus on and communicate value will attract more people

#82 – Passion, Certainty, Likability

Cultivate these 3 things so they permeate your marketing

#81 – Create a Mini-Class

Educate your patients so they can better inform their family and friends

#80 – Use Engaging Email Subjects

Learn how to help improve your email open rates with engaging subject lines

#79 – Stay Connected

Join upper cervical Facebook groups to get ideas and feedback from other UC docs

#78 – Google Analytics

Know where you stand online amongst others in your area…and make the right targeted changes

#77 – Facebook Page Content

Great content on your Facebook page helps in many ways

#76 – Create Satisfied Patients

Happy, satisfied patients retain better and refer others

#75 – Name Change

The right name can make a difference…and so can the wrong name

#74 – Write a Book

Add value to your practice, increase awareness and further your authority in the community

#73 – Speak in Your Community

Develop a voice in your community as the go-to doc

#72 – Survey Local Business Owners

Find out about other key businesses in your area and how they reach out to the community

#71 – Serve in Your Community

A great way to meet people, improve PR, and increase awareness

#70 Manage Your Google My Business

Make sure your Google listing is maximized for the best SEO results

#69 Optimize Google Maps Listing

Your map listing affects your SEO so be sure it is optimized

#68 Video Testimonials

Capture powerful stories of transformation and share with your community

#67 Build a List of Qualified Prospects

Take the time to create and manage a list of potential patients

#66 Community Outreach Assistant

Stay in the office caring for patients while someone else brings new patients in the door.

#65 Invest in Your Team

The more you pour into your team the more they will be an extension of you

#64 Plan Your Event Well

Internal marketing will only work if you are a master planner

#63 Patient Appreciation

A patient that is appreciated is more likely to stay in care and refer others

#62 Build the Right Team

Your best marketing efforts will only be as good as the team that serves the people

#61 Know the 7 Learning Styles

More effective communication with potential patients will improve your marketing

#60 Stop Wasting Time

Don’t let marketing swallow up your life, learn how to do it without wasting your time

#59 Cross Marketing Campaign

Link up with related businesses in your area to gain synergy

#58 Ribbon Cutting & Open House

Generate awareness and create a buzz in your community

#57 Cultivate Practice Mastery

Master your practice so your are free to have more new patients

#56 Say Thank You Campaign

A simple campaign to help improve patient retention and increase referrals

#55 Ladies Night of Indulgence

Learn how to have a special night targeted for ladies and get more new patients

#54 Patient Orientation Class

Learn how to use a class to get referrals and have new patients bring friends

#53 Keep Up with Growth

Learn how to keep up with growth from doing marketing right

#52 Spinal Screenings

Learn how to best to a screening to spread the word in your community acquire leads

#51 Charts and Posters

Use office décor to educate and equip patients so they can share with others

#50 Avoid Common Mistakes

Learn what marketing mistakes are common and how to avoid them

#49 Facebook Ad Checklist

Use a simple checklist to get better results with your Facebook ads

#48 7-Part Online Marketing Course

Learn great online marketing strategies with a targeted course

#47 Online Reputation Builder

Learn a proven system to consistently acquire online reviews

#46 Marketing Calendar

Strategically plan out your marketing and get better results

#45 Marketing Calculator & Budget

Figure out how much you should be spending on your marketing

#44 Health Talk

Host an event where people can learn more about health and how you can help

#43 Dinner Talks

Everyone loves food! Learn how to successfully host a dinner talk

#42 Online Class

Hold your health classes or new patient class online to reach more people

#41 Marketing Tip of the Week

Make it easy on yourself and have relevant marketing tips delivered to your inbox

#40 Webinars

Find targeted webinars that deal with specific marketing issues you face

#39 Podcasts

Educate yourself with marketing tips and strategies from successful UC doctors

#38 Personalized Brochure or Flier

Brochures and Fliers can be great for patients to take home and share with others:

#37 Build a Mindset that Wins

Your mindset is a powerful tool as it will permeate your marketing. This book will show you how!

#36 Establish Social Proof

Build trust and help improve your referral conversion and new patient consults

#35 Consider Your Colors

Choosing colors that fit your message will help with communication and attraction

#34 Logo Design

A bad logo or no logo at all can make it difficult for branding and communicating your practice

#33 Certificate of Health

Encourage new patient consults without devaluing your practice

#32 Patient Education

Better educating your patients will improve retention

#31 Email Marketing

Stay in touch with potential patients and share great info

#30 Patient Care

Be intentional in showing your patients you care and you will get more referrals

#29 The 3 R’s of Internal Practice

Help develop your practice mastery and marketing with the “3 R’s”

#28 CTA Buttons

Well placed and clear call to action buttons help direct website visitors to take action

#27 “About Us” Page

Many people will want to “see” you and your team prior to coming in

#26 “What to Expect” Page

Help potential patients feel more comfortable and informed before their new patient consult

#25 Use Great Titles

Guide people on your website so they can quickly find what they are looking for

#24 New Engaging Website

A bad website will hurt your marketing, make yours new and engaging!

#23 Facebook Live Video

Use the power of video and social media to engage people

#22 Join a BNI Group

Network with local businesses and build relationships

#21 Cultivate the 10 Winning Habits

These 10 personal habits are part of having personal mastery

#20 Off-site SEO

Learn how to build your online presence through an off-site strategy

#19 On-Site SEO

Learn how to optimize your website to get more web traffic and better search rankings

#18 Build Practice Reputation

Online reputation matters for social proofing and referral conversion

#17 Testimonial & Review Contest

Create a buzz in your office and generate marketing tools at the same time

#16 YouTube

Improve SEO and share powerful videos that connect with potential patients

#15 Newspaper Ads

Depending on your market, a well done print ad can be effective

#14 Pinterest Promoted Pins

This cost per click option can put your pins in front of your target market

#13 Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can be a good option for reaching more new patients

#12 Google Adwords

Use a paid strategy with keywords to get your content seen by potential patients

#11 Facebook Ads

Use paid ads to put you in people’s newsfeeds and be front of mind

#10 Professional Referrals

Get leads and referrals from professionals and master your growth

#9 Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews help improve your online reputation

#8 Google Reviews

5 Star Google reviews strengthen your social proofing and SEO

#7 Whiteboard Videos

A powerful tool to communicate who you are, what you do and how people can get started

#6 Identify Your “Why”

Define and communicate your why to connect with your target market

#5 Plan Marketing for Growth

If you want to grow, you need to be ready and plan your marketing accordingly

#4 UC Practice Master Academy

Change your practice and your life by applying powerful principles and procedures

#3 Custom Upper Cervical Websitie

Represent who you are, what you do and how people can get help in an engaging way

#2 SEO & Online Presence Plan

Strategic solutions to improve awareness by looking great online and growing a strong online reputation and presence

#1 Upper Cervical Marketing System

A customized and comprehensive UC specific system for online presence, reputation, attracting qualified new patients and more

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