2nd Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey

Our second annual survey had 227 participants answer 11 questions about best practices of  2016. As opposed to our 2015 survey which only had 107 participants.

Question #1 How Long Have You Been in Practice?



Once again this year the number one group in the survey were those who have been practicing between 6 and 10 years. 26% of participants in 2016 and 27% in 2015. Approximately 77% of everyone who is practicing upper cervical according to our survey have been in practice 20 years or less.

Question #2 Which Upper Cervical Technique Do You Primarily Practice?

Upper cervical practice survey 2016

Once again this year it appears that the NUCCA technique is the most widely used upper cervical technique with approximately 27% of participating doctors utilizing the NUCCA technique primarily (39% in 2015).

Question #3 What Has Been Your Most Effective Form of External Marketing in 2016?


The number one answer this year is Internet marketing with 37% of participating doctors saying that online marketing has been their most effective way to generate new patients through marketing in 2016. This is up 7% from the 2015 survey and appears to indicate that Internet marketing is a growing form of new patient generation for many upper cervical practices.

Question #4 What Has Been the Most Effective Form of Internal Marketing for Your Practice in 2016?

2016 chiropractic practice survey

The most effective form of internal marketing doctors are finding success with is patient education in 2016. With approximately 58% of doctors saying that this was the most effective way to generate new patients inside their practice.

Question #5 How Many New Patients Does Your Practice See in a Typical Month?

Practice survey 2016

11 to 15 and 16 to 20 are a near tie for this question. With about 45% of doctors seeing between 11 and 20 new patients per month.