3rd Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey

Our 3rd annual survey had 319 participants answer 11 questions about best practices for 2017.

Every year this best practices survey has had more participation. With 230 participants in the 2016 Upper Cervical Practice Survey and 107 participants in the 2015 survey.

If you participated this year thank you very much!

Here are some of the most important takeaways from this year’s survey:

  • The largest group to participate in this year’s survey was those doctors who have been in practice five years or less possibly indicating that more chiropractic students are focusing on upper cervical as a specialty.
  • NUCCA once again appears to be the largest upper cervical technique group
  • Internet marketing is once again demonstrated to be the best investment in external marketing
  • The typical upper cervical practice sees about 100 patient visits per week, 15 new patients per month and collects about $20,000 per month and is growing
  • The typical Upper Cervical Doc is in solo practice with two employees
  • 80% of upper cervical practices collect less than $50,000 per month.
  • For the third year in a row the number one challenge facing upper cervical doctors is obtaining enough new patients consistently

Question #1 How Long Have You Been in Practice?

As opposed to the previous two years, the number one group in this year’s survey was those doctors who have been in practice five years or less (20.38%). This may indicate that more chiropractic students are turning to upper cervical as a specialty.

Question #2 Which Upper Cervical Technique Do You Primarily Practice?

survey question 2

Once again the largest group to participate in the survey was doctors who primarily practice NUCCA with 39.17% of doctors saying that this is their primary technique. NUCCA was also the largest group in 2016 with 26.99% and in 2015 with 39.22% practicing NUCCA.

Question #3 What has been the most effective form of EXTERNAL marketing for your practice in 2017? (Not Referrals)

survey quuestion 3

Internet marketing was once again the number one way that upper cervical doctors are attracting new patients into their practices from external sources with 37.79% of doctors indicating that this was the best way that they got a return on investment from external marketing in 2017. This was also the case in 2016 where 36.11% of doctors indicated that Internet marketing was working best. In 2015, professional referrals (32%) and Internet marketing (30%) were the number one and number two responses. It is also telling that each year the number of doctors who indicate that Internet marketing is the best way to get new patients from external sources has increased from 30% to 36% to nearly 38% this year.