Chiropractic Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around a long time especially when you compare it to other online marketing approaches yet it still works. Although there are many ways to communicate today including Facebook messages, texts etc. email marketing is still a reliable way to engage with potential and current patients.

Today we are going to discuss three ways that you can effectively use email marketing in your upper cervical chiropractic practice.

Email Newsletters to Your Current Patients

The first and most basic way to utilize email marketing is with email newsletters. Back in 2013, when I started Upper Cervical Marketing one of the first services I provided was email newsletters and today we still offer email newsletters as part of our marketing systems because they work.

Email newsletters do several things to engage her current patients including:

  • Patient Education
  • Patient Compliance
  • Patient Loyalty
  • Increased Referrals
  • Re-Activations
  • Practice Engagement

Patient Education

A monthly email newsletter is an excellent way to improve your patients learning by communicating and reinforcing concepts and principles that are being taught in the office during healthcare classes and on regular visits. In addition, you can present a new idea in an email newsletter that can spark a conversation on a patient’s next visit to your practice.

Patient Compliance

When you consistently communicate the truth of upper cervical chiropractic to your patients it will help them to understand and retain this information. Making them more compliant with your recommendations and more likely to be consistent with their care and get results.

Patient Loyalty

Another benefit of a monthly email newsletter is to increase the loyalty that patients have to the practice. Patient retention is a key part of having a thriving upper cervical practice any monthly email newsletter is just another way to keep your practice top of mind and your patients loyal to your mission.

Increased Referrals

It is important to have consistent opportunities to refer others in your practice. A monthly email newsletter that is educational can help to increase your referrals when the newsletter is forwarded to a friend or family member of your patient or the information in the newsletter is discussed with them.


No matter how successful your practice is there will always be patients who become inactive for whatever reason. Maybe their schedule changed, they moved away for a while and now are back, or they felt better and decided to not continue with care. Regardless of the reason, a monthly email newsletter that keeps your practice at the top of their mind helps to reactivate inactive patients on an ongoing basis.

Practice Engagement

Another benefit of a monthly email newsletter is to keep your patient base informed about what’s going on in the office. Engaged patients who are connected to the culture of the practice and the events that are going on are more likely to be better patients and better referrers. In order for this to work your practice must have regular events that are good for your current patients and their friends and family and then utilize the monthly email newsletter and other approaches to promote these events and keep your practice members engaged.


Educational Autoresponder to Your New Patients

Along with a monthly email newsletter, another effective use of email marketing for your current patients is to do an educational autoresponder for new patients.

Education is crucial during the first few months of care in your upper cervical practice and an educational autoresponder can help to supplement and reinforce what you are helping patients learn during their initial care plan.

An ideal way to do this is to have a series of 12 emails that are sent out one email per week for the first 12 weeks of care. These emails should be consistent with what you believe is most important for your new patients to learn during the initial stages of care.

This type of educational autoresponder will have a number of important benefits including:

  • Patient Education
  • Patient Compliance
  • Patient Loyalty
  • Increased Referrals
  • Practice Engagement

The most important aspect of these emails is that the copywriting is professional and effective and the subject lines are well-thought-out so that new patients will open the emails, read them and take action on any call to actions within the emails. If you need help with creating an educational autoresponder for your patients feel free to reach out to us at 877-252-1230.


Funnel Autoresponder to Potential New Patients

Along with the two internally focused email marketing strategies I discussed above another extremely effective email marketing strategy is to have autoresponder email sequences that will engage with potential new patients.

When a potential new patient engages through a paid ad, blog post, video, through your website, social media post or another means with a lead magnet such as an e-book it’s important that you have a strategy in place to send follow-up emails to that individual that will educate them about their condition, upper cervical as the unique approach, and your specialized practice.

You can have a funnel autoresponder for a variety of conditions and it is a terrific way to have new patients trickle in consistently throughout the year.

This strategy only works effectively as part of a comprehensive online marketing program so it’s important to work with the company that understands how to build an upper cervical specific digital marketing platform.


Email marketing continues to be an effective strategy. And it is also one of the least expensive digital marketing strategies available. I would highly recommend implementing some or all of these strategies for your upper cervical practice.

It’s time to take upper cervical to the world!

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