3 Ways to Know If Your Chiropractic Marketing Is Working

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Chiropractic Marketing

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Sales and marketing are essential components of a successful chiropractic practice. Marketing involves creating awareness for your unique upper cervical approach and sales happens when someone actually gives you money for your service. Sales and marketing should be happening all the time in your practice in a variety of ways.

Marketing is the first step. No one can buy anything from you if they don’t know you exist. Marketing helps people know what you do and why you do it. It’s about building trust, credibility and likability so someone is willing to pay you for your service.

Without marketing there can be no sales and without sales there can be no business.

There are a variety of different chiropractic marketing activities that you could be utilizing in your office including some of our favorites:

For more great ideas check out our blog post on the best ways to promote your chiropractic practice here https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/blog/best-ways-to-promote-your-chiropractic-practice/.

Need help tracking all of your marketing activities? Download our chiropractic marketing calendar.

3 Ways to Know If Your Marketing Is Working

All of these marketing activities can work but one of the most important parts of marketing is tracking how well it is working. Here are 3 ways to know how well your marketing activity is working.

#1 New Patients Coming in the Door

This one is the most obvious. If you have new patients coming in the door and you can track them directly to a talk, a professional referral, an event etc. then that is fairly straightforward. The more challenging thing is if you have a referral from one of your patients why did that person referrer their friend or family member at that time. Here are some questions you could ask the referring patient to better understand what is working with your marketing:

“Mrs. Smith I saw you referred Mrs. Jones to us thank you very much! We would love to help more people like Mrs. Jones what were some of the reasons you decided to refer Mrs. Jones to us now?”

Then just listen to what your patient says.

Does she mention something your CA said?

Does she mention a video she saw on your Facebook page?

Does she mention an article she read in your chiropractic email newsletters?

Whatever it is learn from her answer. So you can reproduce the activities that produced the new patient.

Next talk to the new patient.

“Mrs. Jones I was just talking to your friend Mrs. Smith the other day and she mentioned how she saw a video on our Facebook page that made her think of you and shared it with you. Was that video what finally made you come into see us?”

Utilize the information that the referring patient shares with you in order to dive deeper into what made the new patient come in the door.

Understanding what motivates your existing patients to refer others is extremely valuable.

#2 Residual Effects of a New Patient

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Beyond just a new patient coming in your door is the residual effects of that new patient. We recommend that you track at least secondary and tertiary referrals from the original patient.

A secondary referral happens when the original referring patient refers other patients. For instance:

You are running a migraine online marketing program. This month you had 3 new patients come in from the program. But one of those new patients referred 3 more new patients. So your total for the migraine online marketing program for the month would be 6 new patients. Due to the fact that you

would not have received the 3 referral patients without the original migraine patients from the online campaign.

You can also track tertiary referrals. A tertiary referral would be the next level. So for instance:

The online marketing program produces 3 new patients this month, one of the new patients refers and 3 more new patients. And one of the referral patients refers in 4 more new patients. So in total your migraine online marketing program produced 10 new patients (3 primary, 3 secondary and 4 tertiary).

You can continue to track this out for level after level after level sometimes tracing back hundreds of new patients to one particular program.

3 Ways to Know If Your Chiropractic Marketing Is Working
3 Ways to Know If Your Chiropractic Marketing Is Working
3 Ways to Know If Your Chiropractic Marketing Is Working

Return on investment is based on your costs for the marketing program and the amount of sales you generated as a result of the program. So if you spent $1000 on a marketing program this month and generated 5 new patients and your average case fee is $2000 then on that $1000 investment you generated $10,000 in revenue.

The marketing ROI formula looks like this:

(Return – Investment)
                                                      Investment                            X 100 = ______%

Return minus investment divided by investment times 100.

So with our example it would be ($10,000 – $1000) divided by $1000 = 9 X 100 = 900%


So to truly determine the success or failure of your marketing programs is important that you thoroughly understand what’s working and what’s not, what is the residual effects of your marketing and what is your return on investment. With this information in hand you will be able to make wise decisions when it comes to your chiropractic marketing for your upper cervical practice.

We have a great tool for you that will help you determine how much you should be spending on marketing and help you track your return on investment. It is our chiropractic marketing calculator and budget. Feel free to download it below.

Chiropractic Marketing Calculator
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