4 Awesome UC Products to Help You Educate and Engage with Your Patients

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UC Products

When starting and growing an upper cervical practice there are certain UC products that can really help you educate and engage with new and existing patients. On our website, we have attempted to find you products like this from people within the upper cervical community who have created some fantastic educational products.

Today I want to share with you several of these products so you can get them and use them in your practice to generate better-educated patients who will stay, pay, and refer.

Upper Cervical Specific Posters

One of the simplest and most effective visual products you could have in your office is high-quality educational posters. We have several upper cervical specific posters in our store to choose from including:

These are awesome visuals to have in your report of findings room or adjusting rooms.

Upper Cervical Misalignment Poster

Education Station

Another great tool is the Upper Cervical Patient Education Station. This is a series of educational handouts and materials to help you systematically educate your patients to understand the upper cervical chiropractic health Paradigm.

Education Station Chart


Upper Cervical Specific Brochures are another must for your upper cervical specific practice. There are specific brochures for a variety of conditions with research articles highlighting the effectiveness of upper cervical care in helping people with a variety of chronic health conditions.

TCOP Practice Manual

Another fantastic tool for educating your patients is the Taking Care of People Seminar Practice Manual. Dr. Robert Brooks is an absolute legend in the upper cervical community. His Taking Care of People Seminars come with a practice manual that is essential for effectively communicating upper cervical to your patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Brooks’s online course which comes with the manual.

These four tools can help you take your upper cervical practice education to a whole another level!

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