5 Chiropractic Advertising Ideas That Work for Upper Cervical Chiropractors

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Chiropractic Advertising Ideas


One of my favorite quotes by Dr. BJ Palmer is:

“Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise!”

BJ understood the importance of spreading the word about upper cervical chiropractic to the world.

A master marketer, Dr. BJ Palmer was constantly promoting and advancing chiropractic in his community and around the world.

So why is it that many chiropractors have lost the importance of spreading the word about the best-kept secret in health care?

In fact based on our most recent survey, 15% of upper cervical doctors are doing NO external marketing outreach.

Unfortunately, advertising and marketing, in general, have a negative stigma in some circles of chiropractic.

There is this idea that somehow if you have to market or advertise your practice that you’re not a good Doctor.

That if you just get great results and continually work on your technique you will not need to market your practice.

Well, I’ll tell you that it’s absolutely crucial that you constantly are working on your technique and focusing on excellence in your work.

But frequently doctors who exclusively rely on results to grow their practice have skinny kids.

Now, of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule. There are those doctors who have horrible personalities and no people skills but are such incredible healers that people line up to see them.

But the majority of doctors are not in this camp.

As Dr. Todd Osborne says and I’m paraphrasing:

“Chiropractors must work on both of their techniques; their chiropractic technique and their business technique”

The truly great doctors in our profession who make a significant impact in their community, the lives of other doctors through associateship opportunities, lead their teams well and impact upper cervical, in general, are those doctors that are Renaissance men.

They invest in their understanding of the adjusting the Atlas and also of running their chiropractic business.

Because unfortunately there are too many doctors in the world who are now doing construction or landscaping or working at a college because they’re not able to run their chiropractic business effectively enough to help people with their incredible skills as a technician.

This is one of the ways that we are being held back as a profession.

It’s time to embrace what BJ said about advertising and what he demonstrated by the way that he promoted our great profession.

So today I want to share with you five chiropractic advertising ideas that work for upper cervical chiropractors.

The key to understand about all of these chiropractic advertising ideas is that they will not work in every market. Every market is different and every advertising and marketing idea must be thoroughly tested to determine if it will work well in your area.

5 Chiropractic Advertising Ideas That Work for Upper Cervical Chiropractors
5 Chiropractic Advertising Ideas That Work for Upper Cervical Chiropractors
5 Chiropractic Advertising Ideas That Work for Upper Cervical Chiropractors

The Difference between Advertising and Marketing

But first, let me give you a quick understanding of the difference between advertising and marketing.

All advertising is marketing but not all marketing is advertising.

All of these advertising approaches that I will discuss today are different forms of marketing.

But marketing is so much more than just advertising.

Marketing is how your front office CA answers the phone.

Marketing is the posters on your wall.

Marketing is how you do your new patient orientation class.

Marketing is the number of Google reviews you have and how you use them.

Marketing is videos that you create in your office and are optimized for search engines and social media.

Marketing is so many different things both online, inside and outside of your office.

So in my opinion advertising should be part of a comprehensive chiropractic marketing plan but truly good marketing is way beyond just advertising.

If you need help creating a comprehensive marketing plan I would recommend 2 resources.

To begin to understand how to do online marketing right grab our free Online Marketing Overhaul Mini Class.

In this class you learn:

  • Why online marketing is so important today
  • 3 essential elements for a great website
  • How to effectively reach sick and suffering people online
online marketing overhaul mini-class

For your internal and external marketing to go along with your online marketing purchase The New Patient Ninja Class. We have partnered with Dr. Noel Lloyd from Five Star Management to offer this fast-paced, jam-packed 6-week course, where you’ll learn the secrets top upper cervical doctors use to produce internal referrals and external new patients.

So if you want to take a deeper dive into internal and external marketing we recommend you purchase the New Patient Ninja Class.

new patient ninja

Now let’s get into our five chiropractic advertising ideas…

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the number one strategy that chiropractic online marketing experts are recommending today.

I have recently written an entire article about doing Facebook ads right today so I’m not can it get too deep into it here. Feel free to go check out that article by clicking the link above to get a more in-depth understanding of Facebook ads.

But the biggest thing to understand is Facebook ads are THE best way to be spending your advertising dollars today.

Now it’s very easy to waste money on Facebook by not knowing what you’re doing or by not having a company that understands you or your market.

But if you can get a company that actually has an in-depth understanding of upper cervical and online marketing like Upper Cervical Marketing 🙂 then you can get tremendous results with Facebook ads.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is owned by Facebook so every time that you create and ad on Facebook you also get cross promotion on Instagram. Instagram is focused on a younger demographic. If your target market is in the 20-35 year-old range you may want to spend even more time and money focusing on Instagram ads and building a presence there.

But if you’re like most upper cervical chiropractors your ideal target market is 35 to 55-year-olds and you’re going to his get much better bang for your buck on Facebook.

Google Ad Words

Google AdWords is another strategy that can be effective in some markets. Typically you need to have a large budget available for advertising in order to establish yourself and get consistent new patients from Google AdWords. But in some large competitive markets it is a necessary evil that will help you get more search engine visibility.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest is another social media network that can be effective in some markets. 80% of Pinterest users are women so this can be a good place to connect with your target market. Especially if you’re looking to connect with moms. Pinterest promoted pins are essentially advertisements that you can use on Pinterest to connect with different demographics who have different interests that may be relevant to your target market and niche marketing.

Newspaper Ads

According to our most recent survey, about 7% of doctors said that newspaper ads were still working effectively in their area for attracting new patients.

Killer ads are still effective in some small markets. These are newspaper ads that have been around for a very long time. They are regularly updated and can be used effectively in some markets today.

Beware though these are a one time off approach. And do not always work. It’s also very easy to over saturate your market. Many doctors I know who still get some success with newspaper ads only run an ad 1 to 2 times per year.

I know in my practice when I first opened chiropractic newspaper ads worked well with the killer ad type format but then over time they died out in effectiveness to the point where they didn’t work at all. And this was with only using the ad two times per year.

Also, the types of patients you are going to be attracting are mostly an older audience who is still reading the newspaper. So make sure if you’re going to run these types of ads that this is consistent with your target market and niche.

Next Steps

As you can see four of these five approaches are directly related to online advertising because Internet marketing has been shown to be the most effective way to market your upper cervical practice externally according to three straight upper cervical practice surveys (2017 survey results to be released next month).

If you would like to learn how we have helped over 100 upper cervical doctors build comprehensive online marketing programs to attract new patients, improve referral conversion and increase retention schedule a market analysis for your area.

analyze your market
About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
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