What are the 5 most effective chiropractic Internet marketing strategies today?

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5 Most Effective Chiropractic Internet Marketing Strategies Today

5 most effective chiropractic Internet marketing strategies todayRecently we published a blog post 10 Chiropractic Internet Marketing Experts Share What’s Working in 2016 and Beyond and it has been one of the most popular blog posts that we have ever published.

Since there has been so much interest in it we want to take a deeper dive into the first question that was asked in the survey to the 10 experts:

What is the most effective new patient generating online marketing strategy right now?

According to our experts here are the 5 most effective strategies right now in order of popularity of response:

  1. Generating Online Reviews
  2. Having an Optimized Website
  3. Facebook Chiropractic Advertising
  4. Video Testimonials
  5. Doctor Generated Videos

Over the next several blog posts we are going to take a deeper look into these 5 highly effective online chiropractic marketing strategies for your Upper Cervical Practice.

Generating Online Reviews

By far the number one strategy that the experts recommended was consistently generating online reviews. We have been talking about the importance of this at Upper Cervical Marketing for the past 3 years on this blog.

As Philip Cordova said:

“People have been able to give online reviews for at least 9 years now, yet many chiropractic offices still have less than ten reviews, some still have no reviews. This doesn’t look good for you or your office.”

Here’s an example to prove Dr. Cordova’s point. Let’s look at the 5 largest cities in America by population (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia). If you search “city name” chiropractor you will see 3 main listings come up first in the Google map. In these 5 largest cities in America the chiropractor that is listed with the most reviews has an average of only 69 Google reviews.

So why is it so common for chiropractic offices or even upper cervical offices to not have hardly any reviews?

We would say that the main reasons we find are:

  • Lack of Understanding of the Importance of Online Reviews
  • No Strategies in Place to Generate Online Reviews Consistently
  • Don’t Take the Time or Have the Time to Generate Online Reviews
What are the 5 most effective chiropractic Internet marketing strategies today?
What are the 5 most effective chiropractic Internet marketing strategies today?
What are the 5 most effective chiropractic Internet marketing strategies today?

How important are online reviews?

The first one hopefully we have overcome with articles like this to help you understand that online reviews are crucial to success in today’s world.

But if not here are some key statistics from Bright Local’s recent survey of over 5000 consumers:

  • 92% of consumers read online reviews
  • 68% of consumers say reviews make them trust a business more
  • 80% of consumers say they trust reviews as much as a referral

No Strategies in Place to Generate Online Reviews Consistently

Now that you understand the importance the next barrier to generating online reviews is having strategies that actually work. Many doctors that we talk to will say “patient’s will say they’re going to leave us reviews but they never do”

If this is your situation we highly recommend that you get our reputation builder tool kit How to Get 100 Google Reviews and Become the Go to Doc Everyone Wants to See. In the toolkit we will break down the 5 best strategies we have found for generating reviews online step-by-step. These are NOT just theories these are actual strategies that doctors are using every day to generate online reviews. To grab the reputation builder tool kit you can go here.

Don’t Take the Time or Have the Time to Generate Online Reviews

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to take the time to generate online reviews then we highly recommend our 5 Star Doc Automated Online Review Generator. With this tool we can drive your happy patients to review your practice on important websites like Google, Yelp, Facebook and More Automatically. This is the simplest and most time efficient approach to generating online reviews for your upper cervical practice. You can learn more about the 5 Star Doc system here.

Next time will dive deeper into the 4 other most effective online marketing approaches for Upper Cervical Doctors today.

Also to learn more about online marketing feel free to start our free 7 step course to online marketing success below.

Grab Our Online Marketing Overhaul Mini-Class to Learn How to Engage with Potential New Patients Online.

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