5 Key Elements of Landing Pages For Upper Cervical Chiropractors

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Video Landing Pages

Using video on a landing page can increase conversion by up to 86%. This statistic comes from a study by EyeView on various ecommerce sites.

In the study, two different variations of the same website were built, with 50% of the traffic being directed to a landing page with an embedded video, the other 50% directed to a page without.

Video is one of the best and most persuasive of all visual tools as it’s capable of delivering large amounts of information quickly and succinctly. Especially if it's about a new service that the person has never heard of such as upper cervical.

When building a landing page here are 5 key elements that every good landing page should have:

The Headline

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This goes for your social media marketing posts on Facebook, twitter, or Google plus, along with blog posts, YouTube videos, landing pages, emails and websites. Without an awesome headline the rest of your work is likely never going to get read.

In a recent issue of the Early to Rise ezine, copywriter Clayton Makepeace says to ask yourself six questions before you start to write your headline:

  1. Does your headline offer the reader a reward for reading?
  2. What specifics could you add to make your headline more intriguing and believable?
  3. Does your headline trigger a strong, actionable emotion the reader already has about the subject at hand?
  4. Does your headline present a proposition that will instantly get your prospect nodding his or her head?
  5. Could your headline benefit from the inclusion of a proposed transaction?
  6. Could you add an element of intrigue to drive the prospect into your opening copy?
5 Key Elements of Landing Pages For Upper Cervical Chiropractors
5 Key Elements of Landing Pages For Upper Cervical Chiropractors
5 Key Elements of Landing Pages For Upper Cervical Chiropractors

The Video

As I discussed above video is a powerful conversion tactic for landing pages. Your video should be between 60 seconds and 3 minutes be extremely focused on benefits of what the prospective new patient will receive by opting into your offer and provide a very basic introduction to upper cervical. You just want to give them enough to be intrigued and want more information.

Here are some examples of some really good video landing pages that we built atuppercervicalmarketing.com. Click on the images below to see them in action:

facebook migraines video
multiple sclerosis website landing page

The Opt in Box

The opt in box is essentially just the place that your prospective new patient can enter their name and email address in order to receive a special offer such as an e-book, a video series, a free report, etc.

This is your call to action and it’s extremely important that in your video and throughout your landing page everything is being directed to the prospective new patient filling out this opt in form.

The Benefits

As discussed previously in your video, you should focus on the benefits of opting in for your special offer. But you should also have an in text format as well. When someone lands on your landing page, they will quickly scan it and they may read a few the benefits. This is going to lead to a higher likelihood that they will watch the video and fill out the form.

Basically just some bullet points of the benefits and what they will receive in your offer.

Social Proof

Little testimonial snippets can go a long way. You can also talk about how many people you have helped with this particular condition. You want to help them see how other people are getting results because of your special offer.

Make sure you have these 5 elements in your landing page, and then watch the conversions happen.

If you’re interested in a landing pages for upper cervical chiropractors, follow the link here.

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