Chiropractic Marketing Mistakes

Dr. James was super excited about setting up some new marketing for his chiropractic office. He had been noticing a slow decline in the number of new patients coming in the door and his weekly patient visits in general. So, it was time to make some changes! Dr. James recorded some videos, created some Facebook ads, and came up with a new promotion that he hoped would be irresistible. He anxiously awaited the results completely unaware of how to avoid mistakes in marketing. He waited…

…and waited…

…and got frustrated…

…and then pulled the plug on it all after a couple months. Another few thousand bucks down the tubes with an unsuccessful marketing attempt! Dr. James’ final conclusion: “Online marketing doesn’t work for me.” He then went back to going about business as usual and the daily grind of the practice.

Don’t do online marketing for your chiropractic office!


Ok, well, DO marketing, but be SMART about it. And definitely


Avoid These 5 Marketing Mistakes:

Marketing Mistake #1 to Avoid:  Cheapening Your Service

I get it, on the surface it may seem like lowering your office visit cost or doing discounts will help attract potential patients and get them to start care. Best case, you get a few people to start up and they drop out of care a month down the road because they weren’t really committed. Worst case, your community starts to view your practice as discounted chiropractic care. Inevitably, when they see you as the “cheap provider” in your area, it can beg the question, “Why are they so cheap?”

You’re an upper cervical specialist and the last thing you want is for people to see you as a commodity to be put on sale or view what you do as “common.” We’re talking about the care of a person’s spine and overall wellness…why would you cheapen this? A free initial consultation is one thing, but don’t fall into the trap of “selling” on price. It doesn’t work for the long game.

Marketing Mistake #2 to Avoid: Not Capturing Potential Patient Leads

How are you guiding people who visit your website or check out your content? If you want them to schedule a consultation, download an eBook, or watch a video, is your website (or ad) set up to get the desired result? If you don’t take the time to strategize how you will capture leads, then you are missing out on a big opportunity with your marketing. You won’t be able to follow up and stay in touch!

Consider using call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your website, blog posts, Facebook ads, etc so people can opt in to your content and services. A simple form or landing page will allow you to capture a name and email so you can nurture the lead and bring them closer to scheduling a new patient consult.


Marketing Mistake #3 to Avoid: Not Nurturing Potential Patient Leads

Most people these days aren’t going to immediately jump on board with your UC care just because they saw one piece of your content, visited your website, etc. Many of these people are not ready to become patients and need to be nurtured before making the decision to come into your practice. In this case, it helps to use an email follow-up campaign that periodically sends related content to each specific type of patient. Customized, informative, educational and effective for cultivating a relationship.

Remember, no one will start care until they feel that they can trust you. Nurture your potential patient leads.

Marketing Mistake #4 to Avoid: Not Prepping Your Office Team

Another common marketing mistake to avoid is not equipping your office team to interact with potential new patients. Does your team know how and when to follow up with them? Do they know what to say when they write follow-up emails or answer the phone? You might not get a second chance to directly interact with your potential new patient…make it count!

For most people, there are a handful of specific questions they need answered before scheduling their first appointment. Want to know what these are? You can find these questions here along with a phone script to help you prep your team for when a potential new patient calls your office: Potential New Patient Phone Call Script.


Marketing Mistake #5 to Avoid: Not Tracking Your Marketing Results

There’s a reason you take pre and post x-rays, do re-exams, use thermography, and more. You want to track results and make sure what you’re doing is having the right effect. The same goes for any chiropractic marketing strategy you do. If you send out a bulk email, be sure to find out how many people opened it. If you create and run a Facebook ad, how many clicked on the ad? When you put new content on your website, which pages are getting traffic? You get the idea.

There is no way to know if a change you made had a positive or negative impact if you don’t know how many website visits, leads, and new patients your website and content are generating on a monthly basis. Track it!


Obviously, there is more to doing online marketing, but these are some of the big marketing mistakes to avoid (and how to have more success). For other “do’s and don’ts” for attracting higher quality leads, having a great website that converts, and effectively reaching sick and suffering people online, you may want to watch these 3 FREE videos:

Remember, when online marketing is done RIGHT it will make you look great online and effectively reach out to your community. They need your help, but don’t yet know you exist! We hope this blog helps you succeed and love your marketing.


Go team upper cervical!

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