7 Ways to Integrate Your Chiropractic Marketing to Grow Your Practice in 2018

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Chiropractic Marketing Integration

chiropractic marketingIt’s time to start thinking differently about your marketing.

Your marketing approaches do not exist in a bubble.

But instead the more effectively you integrate your chiropractic marketing the better your results will be in 2018 and beyond.

Earlier this year I wrote about the top 10 chiropractic marketing ideas and if you haven’t read this article already I encourage you to go back and read it as it will give you a very good understanding of what’s working now.

Once you have a good understanding of the chiropractic marketing ideas next it’s time to think about how to integrate different marketing approaches to accelerate the growth and effectiveness of your upper cervical practice marketing.

I would also recommend grabbing our chiropractic marketing plan calendar if you haven’t already as this will give you the ability to track your integrated marketing throughout 2018.

chiropractic marketing plan

In today’s world digital marketing also known as online marketing or Internet marketing is the hub between all other marketing that you do.

For instance, we’ve already talked about how you can expand your new patient orientation class to reach both an online and off-line world. If you haven’t read that article go back and check it out.

But there are a ton of ways to improve the results of your internal and external marketing strategies by utilizing your digital marketing.

Today we're going to focus on 7.

3 ways you can integrate your internal marketing plans and 3 ways you can integrate your external marketing approaches.

And one way that impacts both. Let’s start there.

Build Your List of Qualified Prospects

niche marketThere is a digital marketing adage that says:

“The money is in the list”

This is a true statement IF you know how to build a lead list effectively and nurture the relationships.

The first step to building an effective email list/text list/Facebook message list is to determine your target market. If you don’t know your target market and how your unique niche serves them then you can’t build a list of prospects effectively.

If you need help here are some helpful resources:

Dynamic Chiropractic June 2017: The Riches Are in the Niches by Dr. Bill Davis



Next, you want to put a strategy in place to attract and nurture these leads.

Here is an article to help you:


These principles would apply to email follow-up, text-based follow-up via mobile and also Facebook message follow-up.

Now what you have built a list of qualified prospects who:

  • are in your local area
  • have a condition or demographic profile consistent with your target market
  • and have indicated that they want help

Your next step is to invite them to everything that you’re doing.

In Michael Port’s book, Book Yourself Solid he discusses the concept of always having something to invite people to and this is a great strategy.

When you have something to invite people to whether it is a monthly class you do or a monthly promotion or whatever this will allow you to make a next step offer to the individuals on your prospect lead list.

This can be done both with internal and external promotions.

If you’re doing a lunch and learn at a particular location invite everyone on your list to it. If you’re having a food drive invite everyone on your list to it.

You want to send your prospect lead list 3 types of messages:

  • Valuable, educational and actionable information that will help them (this should be the majority of your messages approximately 75%)
  • Invitations to events both in office and out in the community (approximately 15% of your messages)
  • Direct invitations to schedule a consultation with your office (this should be the smallest percentage of messages approximately 10%)

If you want help building a highly qualified prospect lead list and nurturing that list to produce consistent new patients for years to come schedule a market analysis and blueprint with our team.

market analysis

Integrating Your Internal Marketing Digitally

Here are three ways to effectively integrate your internal marketing digitally:

  1. Take Pictures

One of the best ways that you can integrate what you’re doing inside your office with the digital world is by taking pictures.

Make one of your CA’s responsible for taking pictures every day.

Here is what you want to take pictures of:

  • the doctor celebrating with patients who are getting great results
  • the team celebrating with patients are getting great results
  • any types of events that are going on in the office
  • anniversaries
  • birthdays

Once you get the pictures send them to your online marketing team or have your marketing CA post them to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Print them out and put them on a bulletin board in the office near your jump seat

When you demonstrate through your pictures that your office is a place where people get well and have fun it can be a very powerful way to build trust, credibility, and likability which can improve your referral conversion, retention and new patient generation.

7 Ways to Integrate Your Chiropractic Marketing to Grow Your Practice in 2018
7 Ways to Integrate Your Chiropractic Marketing to Grow Your Practice in 2018
7 Ways to Integrate Your Chiropractic Marketing to Grow Your Practice in 2018
  1. Record Videos

Along with taking pictures, recording videos is another must to thoroughly integrate your internal marketing with the digital world.

Once again have a CA that is designated as a video recorder and give her the goal of recording at least one video per week. The record one video per week you will capture 52 videos per year which would be tremendous.

Here is what you want to record videos of:

  • video testimonials
  • Doctor explanatory videos about upper cervical, specific conditions and frequently asked questions
  • the doctor celebrating with patients who are getting great results
  • the team celebrating with patients are getting great results
  • any types of events that are going on in the office

Make sure that if you are going to use your patient’s pictures or videos digitally that you have a signed release form from your patient to use their likeness in your marketing. If you need help with this you can get our video testimonial release form as part of our reputation builder toolkit here.

Once you get the pictures send them to your online marketing team or have your marketing CA post them to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram (if video is less than 60 seconds)
  • YouTube
  • Your Website
  • Your lobby TV
  1. Hold Quarterly Contests

Another effective way to integrate what’s going on inside your office with the digital world is by holding contests.

Having a quarterly contest where you encourage patients to do helpful tasks both online and off-line for raffle tickets such as:

  • New patient referral = 10 tickets
  • Video testimonial = 7 tickets
  • Google/yelp/Facebook review = 5 tickets
  • Facebook check-in = 3 tickets
  • Share a Facebook post = 2 tickets
  • Like/comment on a Facebook post = 1 ticket

Giveaway something big like a smart TV, tablet, $500 gift card to whole foods or something else that will get someone’s attention and make them want to be involved.

You would then want to promote your quarterly contest via social media, chiropractic email newsletters to existing patients and in office.

You also want to take pictures and record videos all along the way to promote the contest as patients participate and of course when you announce the winner!

These are just three ways that you can effectively integrate digital marketing strategies into internal marketing approaches but there are many others.

Be creative and have fun!

Integrating Your External Marketing Digitally

  1. Upper Cervical Awareness Events

Upper Cervical Awareness Events such as:

These types of events can all be promoted both inside your office, in the community and online.

Inside Your Office

  • Have flyers on every person’s chair in the lobby and in every adjusting room.
  • Talk with your patients about the event and encourage them to invite others
  • Talk with your staff about the event and encourage them to invite others
  • Have your staff talk up the event on an ongoing basis

Out in Your Community

  • Pass out flyers to neighborhood businesses
  • Post on neighborhood bulletin boards at Gyms, health food stores etc.
  • Talk about the event at your networking groups


  • Include an announcement for the event in your email newsletter
  • Promote on your social media including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest with pictures and videos leading up to and at the event
  1. Professional Referral Network Building

Another way to effectively use digital marketing with your external marketing outreach is through your professional referral network building.

If you have other health professionals that refer patients to you give them a shout out on social media:

  • At tag there Facebook page and thank them for another referral on your Facebook page
  • Recommend their services on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Cross promote events that they are doing and they can promote yours
  • Write articles for their website with a link back to yours
  • Have them write articles for your website with a link back to their website

If you have events with multiple health professionals in your office take pictures and videos and post to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest

  1. Networking Events

The last way we will discuss today is regarding networking events. Many doctors use networking events to promote their practices and you can make this much more effective by using digital marketing strategies.

If you are involved with the BNI group or another networking group you once again want to take pictures, record short videos and give shout outs to other business owners who you recommend.

You can also add business owners that you’ve met at networking events to your prospect lead list and invite them to your internal and external events by email, text or Facebook message.

This is just three ways that you can integrate digital marketing strategies into your external marketing.

Once again there is a lot more ways to do this…be creative and have fun with your marketing!

About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of uppercervicalmarketing.com. His goal is to spread the word about the best-kept secret in health through Upper Cervical Specific Business and Marketing Solutions.
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