A Killer Reason Why Your Blog Should Be on Your Upper Cervical Website

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Cheap attention robs you of backlinks down the road

web domainWe all know it’s free and easy to set up shop on Blogspot.com or WordPress.com. (Or Typepad or Xanga, or the tens of lesser known blogging sites.)

There are a few reasons why you might want to get your blogging feet wet in this kind of environment. But if you’re an upper cervical chiropractor, or some other small business person, there’s one strong reason why blogging from outside your own domain is a waste of time.

It’s called the “backlink.”

When you blog from a mainstream blogging domain like WordPress.com, and somebody loves a certain post and links back to it, that’s awesome. You’re going to get more readers and more exposure. But it’s not nearly as awesome as when you get links back to your blog at YourDomain.com.

That’s because rather than that backlink boosting your reputation and increasing your search engine optimization (SEO), it goes to increase the reputation of the top level domain. So the “link juice” goes to WordPress.com or Blogspot.com, or wherever you’re blogging. Not to your website.

A Killer Reason Why Your Blog Should Be on Your Upper Cervical Website
A Killer Reason Why Your Blog Should Be on Your Upper Cervical Website
A Killer Reason Why Your Blog Should Be on Your Upper Cervical Website

So, why do some people stick with a sub-domain blogging site? I’m not as familiar with Blogspot, but at least with WordPress, the tagging feature allows other users of WordPress.com to browse and find posts in your niche easily. Link to other blogs on WordPress.com and they instantly know about it, creating immediate traffic to your new blog. If you’re a good blogger you’ll know how to use those little boosts of traffic to start building your own audience.

The problem is early attention away from your domain doesn’t offer the best SEO in the long term. Not if you’re ultimately interested in having people discovering your business through natural search.

If you’re really interested in benefiting from the search benefits of blogging, you need to be blogging from within your upper cervical website. The sooner you can get your blog moved to your own upper cervical domain, the better.

Dr Zachary Ward

Another great post from Dr. Zachary Ward our friend and colleague here at uppercervicalmarketing.com

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