Are You Having Trouble Keeping Team Members?

Building and Retaining a Great Team

One of the most difficult and important parts of growing and scaling your Upper Cervical Practice is the importance of building and retaining a great team of CA’s and Associates. After you have spent the time to look for, evaluate, and hire team members for your Upper Cervical Practice you then want to make sure that you set expectations including establishing Key Results Areas (KRA’s) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

But, there’s another step to make sure that you are retaining your team members long-term and that is by doing regular performance reviews.

Giving team members consistent feedback is one of the most important parts of building and retaining a great team. And, giving good feedback goes beyond just performance reviews. It's all about a consistent commitment to evaluate and help your team members grow through training, one-on-one meetings, weekly team meetings, and other strategies. This will help you have a healthy organization.

Performance reviews isn't something that happens only in big corporations. It’s an essential part of building and retaining a great team of any size.

Additionally, if you are having trouble keeping awesome team members long-term I highly recommend giving more consistent feedback. Performance reviews are a great vehicle for driving this in your practice.

There are three main parts of a good performance review:

  1. Getting subjective feedback from the team member on your performance
  2. Giving subjective feedback to the team member on their performance
  3. Reviewing objective feedback on the team members performance

Getting Subjective Feedback from the Team Member on YOUR Performance

In order for your practice to continue to improve, all members must consistently improve. Including you. It's important to ask questions for all your direct reports to answer about your performance as a manager. Also, doing this on a consistent basis is an important part of understanding how you can improve. Likewise, it also gives your team member a voice to express their concerns.

Giving Subjective Feedback to the Team Member on THEIR Performance

Along with the team member feedback form you also want to give the team member subjective feedback on how they are performing according to your core values, vision, and mission. It’s important to always highlight their strengths and accomplishments, the areas that need improvement, and give them a plan of action to improve their performance.

Reviewing Objective Feedback on the Team Members Performance

Lastly, an important part of the performance review process is having objective measurements. Basically, you and the team member can review these to determine how well they are winning in their role. This should be based on the Key Results Areas (KRA’s) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the position. KRA’s are the results you are looking for them to accomplish in their position. KPIs are the metrics that determine whether or not they are hitting the mark on those results. If you want to learn more about KRA’s and KPIs for your upper cervical practice I encourage you to grab a copy of my book Upper Cervical Practice Mastery where I go into detail about KRA’s, KPIs, and many other key parts of practice.

But, once you have established KRAs and KPIs for the position the performance review is an outstanding time to review those numbers and determine if your team member is on target. We use a self-assessment from the team member paired with a manager’s assessment to look at KRA’s and KPIs objectively.

Fantastic Resources to Help You Review Your Team

If you would like to begin implementing a performance review process with your team members or would like to improve on what you’re already doing I highly recommend our Performance Review Resource Kit. In this free resource, you will receive resources that utilize the three key parts of the performance review flow we discussed above. This will allow you to gather team member feedback, give them subjective feedback, and objectively assess them based on key metrics for the position. I highly recommend this free resource for your Upper Cervical Practice.

You can grab it here Performance Review Resource Kit for no charge.

I would recommend doing a performance review with each team member at least twice a year. We do ours in January and July.

Basically, you want to give your team members a consistent outlet to review you. This also allows you to give them subjective and objective feedback on a regular schedule. Performance reviews are an extremely important part of retaining great team members.

It’s time to take Upper Cervical to the world!

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