Are You Tired of Renting Your Chiropractic Website?

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A majority of chiropractic websites out there today are rent to never own. All of the template-based chiropractic website companies out there today have the same model. They design your website based on a selection of templates for little to no fee. And then they provide you with a “website service” that is supposed to bring in new patients. But unfortunately a majority of doctors see no return on their investment of hundreds of dollars a month. And if you cancel with the company then your website goes away.



Renting or leasing your website can get very expensive very quickly. To build a website that you own may cost you somewhere between $1000 and $1500 plus the purchase of your domain name and hosting for nominal fees. But even at $200 per month you can see that that website that you are leasing gets very expensive very quickly. $2400 by the end of the first year, $4800 by the end of the 2nd year and so forth.

If your website is consistently bringing in new patients that is a different situation but a majority of doctors are paying these template-based website companies to rent a website that is not producing.

When I was in practice I did this for many years. Paying thousands of dollars for a website that never did anything for me and then when I canceled the service the website went away.

If you have an upper cervical practice there is another option. We design custom upper cervical specific websites that you own and never rent. To learn more about our upper cervical website design service click the button below.

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