3 Destructive Beliefs about Upper Cervical Holding You Back

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Beliefs about Upper Cervical

What we believe about what we do matters. If you have chosen to focus on upper cervical care in your practice then your beliefs about upper cervical are extremely important. And there are some beliefs about upper cervical that will actually hold you back from achieving your greatest potential in practice.

Today I want to talk about 3 destructive beliefs about upper cervical that may be limiting your success in practice and life.

#1 Upper Cervical Doesn’t Work As Well As People Say

Beliefs about upper cervical

If you have been around any upper cervical technique community for a while then you will have heard spectacular stories of results that people get with upper cervical care. And you may want to believe the stories that you’ve heard but you may be skeptical.

Maybe you have doubts about whether the results that you’ve heard our actually real.

Maybe you have a spouse, family members, friends, or other chiropractors who are feeding into your doubts.

Well, I can tell you with total confidence that upper cervical care is amazing!

I have watched hundreds of video testimonials, talked to hundreds of upper cervical doctors and been in dozens of upper cervical practices, and saw spectacular results in my own practice. Upper cervical works!

There is no doubt in my mind.

If you have doubts I encourage you to do what I’ve done. Get out and talk with other upper cervical doctors. Go to their practices. Talk to patients. Watch video testimonials. Strengthen your convictions when it comes to upper cervical care because it will make all the difference.

If you are thinking that upper cervical care doesn’t work as well as people say that will without a doubt hold you back from achieving your potential in practice.

#2 I Can’t Do Upper Cervical As Well As Others

Maybe you believe that upper say but you don’t believe that you can do your upper cervical technique as well as others. This is another of the beliefs about upper cervical that can be extremely destructive because it can impact your confidence. When you lack confidence your patients and team members will notice.

If you have this thought on a regular basis that I can’t do upper cervical as well as others then use this thought to drive you to get better.

Go to every one of your upper cervical technique conferences. Spend time in other doctors’ offices who are doing the same upper cervical technique as you. Go through the process of getting certified in your upper cervical technique. Many technique organizations have fantastic mentoring programs that are included with their certification. Get involved!

Every upper cervical doctor that you look up to who is tremendous at any upper cervical technique started where you are. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end. But instead, start where you are and get better day by day.

#3 My Upper Cervical Technique Is the Only One That Works

Beliefs about upper cervical

The last of the destructive beliefs about upper cervical that are holding you back is the thought that your upper cervical technique is the only one that works. Thankfully this thought is diminishing thanks to the Upper Cervical Diplomate and the Upper Cervical Council but it still exists in the minds of many upper cervical doctors.

This belief not only holds you back but it holds our entire profession back. Every upper cervical technique has value and for that matter any precision chiropractic technique has value.

You should love your technique. But loving your technique does not mean that every other technique is garbage. Appreciate that there are other approaches out there that help people.

This belief that my upper cervical technique is the only one that works feeds into pride and arrogance towards everything else out there is not helpful for you, your patients, or the chiropractic profession.

Break Free from the Destructive Beliefs about Upper Cervical

So Doc if you know that you struggle with these destructive beliefs and you want to break free so that you can finally make the impact in your community that you’re looking to make then reach out to us and have a short conversation with our team about Upper Cervical Practice Mastery Coaching.

Your practice is a reflection of your life.

We focus on helping you get your mindset, habits, and systems right so you can achieve your goals.

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