Can Sick and Suffering People Find You Online?

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You're an upper cervical specialist. You have the heart and skills that help bring hope and healing to sick and suffering people. And there are a TON of people in your area that need your help! But, can sick and suffering people find you online? With the vast majority of people searching online for chiropractors, upper cervical care, health care, and more...are you even on the map? If not, you're missing new patients. This guide is meant to share with you basic steps to take that will help more people who need your help find you online. Hey, what if you could strategize and get an extra 5 people a month from online!

3 Ways to help sick and suffering people find you online:

Keywords for chiropractic marketing

#1 Keywords

Who do you want to connect with online? We've found that 99% of upper cervical doctors want to connect with people that have chronic conditions. Let's face it, these are the people that typically get the most profound results and become your biggest fans. First, if you haven't done so, determine the demographics of your ideal patient. You won't know if your strategy is working if you don't know who you're looking for! After you've done this, you can create a list of words or phrases to use to connect with them. For example: geographic areas, chronic conditions, your UC technique, upper cervical, etc. Once you have this list it's time to permeate your website with these key words and phrases. These keywords should be used in your website's copy, any ongoing content you write (see below), and as titles for your website's images. Also, you can consider using these keywords in your link building and meta-tags. I know, it's a lot to take in, but any step you take will help. For more assistance, consider this blog that we've created to help you. Oh, and if you have questions, we're here to help.

#2 Content

Do you have content on your site that people WANT to read? If you don't have relevant blogs and other information on your site, then it's no wonder that you're not on a potential patient's radar! Bottom line, having great content on your site is effective to get people to find you. Plus, you can help educate them along the way in regards to any specific condition or upper cervical care as a whole. 2 key things to keep in mind with your content: website layout and regular blogs. First, all relevant content on your site should be straight to the point, written with the patient in mind, and easily found on your site. Second, your blogs should be informative, relatable, and concise. We recommend 1 blog a month for your website. And remember, don't talk over their heads. The longer you consistently create great content, the more you will establish yourself online which will allow more sick and suffering people to find you. By the way, when they do find you online, it'll be good to know the questions a new patient caller needs to have answered before making their appointment...AND HOW TO RESPOND.

Online Reviews

#3 Reviews

Businesses that have lots of 5 star reviews stand out from the crowd. When you stand out online among chiropractors in your area, more people find you online! Plus, Google reviews help your search engine rankings as well. Did you know that as of last year most people trust an online review as much or more than a personal referral? Wow! Also, most potential patients (especially those under 40) look at an office's online reputation before choosing who to come see. Bottom line, reviews are king. Think about it, someone with vertigo or neck pain Googles "chiropractor near me" or "upper cervical near me." You and 5 other docs pop up, but you have far fewer than the top doc who has 50+ 5 Star reviews. Who do you think this potential patient will call first? Your online reputation should set you up as the "go-to doc" in your area. Don't worry, if you set your mind on gaining reviews and make it part of your system, they will come. Try a quarterly contest for online reviews and referrals. Make it fun!

We can help more sick and suffering people find you online

Some doctors and teams are able to crush this on their own. However, if all of this is overwhelming (and I totally understand if it is)...we can help! The last thing I want is for you to get all wrapped up in your online presence and obsessing over search rankings. We need ya seeing patients and helping people! So, if you'd like see if there are any resources or services we can provide to help you reach more people WITHOUT you having to do it, let us know. Helping UC docs is what we do all day, every day. You can give us a call at (877) 252-1230 or schedule a short call to connect by clicking here.

Either way, we're in your corner and we'd love to lend a hand.

Go team upper cervical!

About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of His goal is to spread the word about the best-kept secret in health through Upper Cervical Specific Business and Marketing Solutions.
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