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Creating a Culture of Social Proof for Your Upper Cervical Practice

The Power of Social Proof In the book Influence psychologist Robert Cialdini discusses the power of social proof and how we rely on others especially in foreign environments or environments that we are not confident in to make decisions. For instance when someone is considering coming to visit an upper cervical practice for the first time this is a […]

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How Your Logo and Color Scheme Can Impact Your Upper Cervical Marketing

Upper Cervical Marketing When marketing your upper cervical practice it is crucial that you choose the right colors and design elements in your logo, website, marketing collateral and color scheme. The most important first question is who are we marketing to as upper cervical doctors. The primary individual that we are focused on attracting into your […]

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Upper Cervical Blog Post Optimization Checklist for Google

The Importance of Blogging for Your Upper Cervical Practice Blogging is STILL an important part of online marketing. 7 years ago when I started this blog I was talking about the importance of blogging and that is still the case. In fact, based on recent research, 68% of marketers find blogging more effective than they […]

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How to Budget for Your Chiropractic Marketing Based on Market

Chiropractic Marketing Budget Large Competitive Markets in the US When it comes to marketing and especially online marketing it is important to understand the size and competitiveness of the market. Large competitive markets* include: New York city Los Angeles Chicago Houston Philadelphia Phoenix San Antonio San Diego Dallas San Jose …and more see a full […]

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How to use the Most Googled topics, words & phrases to Improve Blogging for Chiropractors

2016 Blogging for Chiropractors As an Upper Cervical Doctor one of the most effective ways that you can improve your search engine rankings, website, social media presence and more is by consistently blogging. Either you personally or if you have an online marketing company like Upper Cervical Marketing working with you should be blogging between 2 and 4 […]

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Best Ways to Obtain New Patients in 2016 Part 2 of 3

Best Ways to Obtain New Patients in 2016 Our 2015 UCM Upper Cervical Practice Survey results are coming in and our hope is that the information that we can obtain will help all upper cervical doctors be more successful in 2016. If you haven’t participated in the survey yet we will continue to have it running through […]

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Why isn't your chiropractic Internet marketing strategy working?

Chiropractic Internet Marketing Strategy Upper Cervical Marketing currently works with 57 clients in 23 states, 2 Canadian provinces and 3 countries and the one thing that we have learned over the past 3 years is that if you’re going to do online marketing well you must have a comprehensive approach. If you are discussing the […]

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How Long Does It Take to Get Results with Online Marketing for Chiropractors?

Here are 4 common questions that we hear at upper cervical marketing and the answers. Why do I need to market my upper cervical practice online? The short answer is that’s where your ideal patient is. Marketing your upper cervical practice through online marketing is a no-brainer at this point. People in your local community […]

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Social Media Success Summit: A Must for Do It Yourself Internet Marketers

2015 Social Media Success Summit At Upper Cervical Marketing we are big fans of Social Media Examiner and their event the Social Media Success Summit. We will be attending and if you are a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to your Internet marketing for your upper cervical practice then we highly recommend you join 4,000 other marketers at the […]

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3 Ways to Increase Awareness and New Patients for Your Practice

Awareness of Your Upper Cervical Practice How many people in your community know about your upper cervical practice? 500, 5000, 50,000? If 50,000 people were educated about upper cervical in your community and knew you to be an expert in helping people with a particular condition or conditions would that provide value for your practice? […]

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Are You Losing Money by Doing Internet Marketing Yourself?

Internet Marketing for Your Upper Cervical Practice Internet marketing is an essential part of today’s business world. If you are not doing online marketing for your upper cervical practice you’re missing out. But when is the right time to outsource your Internet marketing? Is it costing you money to do your Internet marketing yourself? These questions and […]

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3 Ways to Know If Your Chiropractic Marketing Is Working

Chiropractic Marketing Sales and marketing are essential components of a successful chiropractic practice. Marketing involves creating awareness for your unique upper cervical approach and sales happens when someone actually gives you money for your service. Sales and marketing should be happening all the time in your practice in a variety of ways. Marketing is the […]

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