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3 Ways to Know If Your Chiropractic Marketing Is Working

Chiropractic Marketing Sales and marketing are essential components of a successful chiropractic practice. Marketing involves creating awareness for your unique upper cervical approach and sales happens when someone actually gives you money for your service. Sales and marketing should be happening all the time in your practice in a variety of ways. Marketing is the […]

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The Forgotten Part of Marketing for Your Upper Cervical Practice

The 3 Types of Marketing In an upper cervical practice at all times you should be doing 3 types of marketing: external marketing internal marketing retention marketing External Marketing External marketing would be defined as anything that you do outside of your office to bring new patients into your office. This would include: online marketing […]

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Best Ways to Promote Your Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic Marketing Strategy: How to Market Your Chiropractic Clinic As I have said many times on this blog, marketing and promoting is an essential part of a successful chiropractic practice. Every million-dollar practice that I had ever interacted with understand the absolute necessity of promoting your upper cervical chiropractic practice both internally and externally. This […]

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The Do's and Don'ts of Marketing for Chiropractors

Marketing for Chiropractors Marketing is an essential component of a successful upper cervical practice. You can be the best technician on the planet and fail in practice if you don’t consistently attract new patients. So here are 3 marketing do’s and 3 marketing don’ts for your upper cervical chiropractic practice. Do Consistently Market Your Practice […]

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Dr. Ray Drury and the Power of Focus in Your Upper Cervical Marketing

Power of Focus in Upper Cervical Marketing Dr Ray Drury of the Upper Cervical Health Centers of America is a leader within the upper cervical community. Recently I had a chance to speak with him about the power of focus in marketing and a whole lot more. I think you are going to love this […]

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The 3 Essentials of Internal Marketing for Chiropractors

Internal Marketing for Chiropractors Whether you are new in practice or you have been an upper cervical doctor for 30 years, internal marketing is the lifeblood of any upper cervical practice. Internal marketing programs should be a consistent and important part of your practice's daily, weekly and monthly activities. If you need a way to […]

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Dr. Michael Lenarz and the Chiropractic Marketing Life Cycle

Dr. Michael Lenarz Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Dr Michael Lenarz of The Chiropractic Way and Health 1st Chiropractic. Dr Lenarz is a well-respected upper cervical chiropractor and consultant who has become a leader in the upper cervical community. It was a real pleasure to speak with him and get his insight […]

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How to Develop a Chiropractic Marketing Plan

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Marketing Plan As the owner of an upper cervical practice it is important that you never take your foot off the gas when it comes to your marketing. Marketing needs to be a year-round month by month, week by week, day by day part of your practice. Although my specialty is in […]

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How to Increase Referrals to Your Upper Cervical Practice

Internal Marketing for Chiropractors Certainly, it is important that you know how to create referrals from your existing patients. There are number of ways that you can do this, including: Healthcare classes New patient certificates Internal events (patient appreciation days, food drives, backpack drives, toy drives, dinner with the doc etc.) Upper cervical specific condition […]

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Tired of Doing a Healthcare Class Every Week?

New Patient Class A new patient healthcare class is one of the most effective ways to build a practice. Helping a new patient understand where true health comes from and how upper cervical, and specifically your office is equipped to help them reach their health goals is essential for patient compliance, patient education, and creating […]

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Upper Cervical Practice Innovation 2014: Support Research and Grow!

Sharpen Your Axe As an upper cervical chiropractor to be successful you can never take your foot off the gas. It is important to always be learning and understanding what is going on in the world of business and marketing so your practice can be successful for years to come. If you are always focused […]

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The Best Internal Marketing Event I Ever Did!

Internal Marketing To be successful in practice it is extremely important that you know how to create referrals from your existing patients. There are number of ways that you can do this, including: Healthcare classes New patient certificates Internal events (patient appreciation days, dinner with the doc etc.) Upper cervical specific condition brochures In office […]

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