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Lack of Freedom in Practice? 3 Steps to Grab Control This Year

Freedom in Practice You have been in practice for a while and you have finally gotten to the point where you have a steady stream of patients coming in the door, you’re paying the bills, and making a pretty good living for your family. But you look up one day and realize that you have […]

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3 Simple Steps to Hiring Your First or Your Next Great Team Member

Steps to Hiring When it comes to your Upper Cervical Practice, one of the most important steps you can take to grow your practice and help more people in your community is to develop the skill of hiring ideal team players. Ideal team players up are humble, hungry, and smart. If you want to learn […]

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5 Steps to Build a Powerful Health Practitioner Referral Network for Your Upper Cervical Practice

Health Practitioner Referral Network Health practitioner referrals are an essential part of an upper cervical practice. As an Upper Cervical Specialist you focus on correcting the upper cervical subluxation and not being a jack of all trades. So it just makes sense that you need to develop a trusted group of health practitioners in your […]

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Are You Communicating Upper Cervical Clearly to These 3 Crucial Groups?

Unique Upper Cervical Message Are you communicating upper cervical effectively? The upper cervical message is unique and needs to be communicated in a way that helps your team, your practice members, and your community understand that what you do is different. Yes you are a chiropractor but what you do is different than what other […]

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The Ideal Time to Ask for a Google Review in your Upper Cervical Practice

Progress Exams Are Essential to a Healthy Practice When you first start a practice and you have some early success it’s common to stop doing the things that made you successful in the first place. Usually one of the first things to go is progress exams. But progress exams are absolutely crucial to a healthy […]

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How to Convert 90% of Your Report of Findings

Don’t Talk to Every Patient the Same Are you converting 90% of your report of findings into a care plan? If not I would highly recommend you keep reading as what is contained in this article may be the key to improving your conversion by better understanding your patient's personalities and learning styles. Every patient […]

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Skill Stacking? Excellence in Your Upper Cervical Technique + Other Skills = Success

Excellence in Your Upper Cervical Technique As an upper cervical chiropractor, one of the most unique and defining aspects of you and your practice is your specific upper cervical technique. Since there are only approximately 3000 upper cervical specialists in the world and only hundreds of each of the different techniques, your technique matters even […]

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5 Ways to Cut Your Chiropractic Patient Wait Times in Half

Are You Always Running Late? Doc does your office consistently run behind? Are your patients consistently waiting for 20, 30 or even 60 minutes beyond their appointment time? Is your staff constantly having to deal with frustrated patients who are endlessly waiting? Chiropractic offices should be leading the way when it comes to patient satisfaction. […]

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The Most Important Hour of Your Patient Day

The Most Important Hour of Your Day What time do you start seeing patients in the morning? 9 AM? 8:30? 8 AM? Whatever time it is…the hour before you see patients is the most important hour of the day. This is the time of the day when you set a precedent for how the rest […]

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3 Thought Patterns That Crush Practice Growth

Thought Patterns That Crush Practice Growth In my book, Upper Cervical Practice Mastery: Learn Success Secrets of the World’s Top Upper Cervical Doctors, in chapter 2 I discuss the importance of mindset and how the top upper cervical doctors have a winning mindset. But today I want to hone in on 3 thought patterns that […]

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23 Keys to Build a Successful Chiropractic Practice in 2023 and Beyond

Build a Successful Chiropractic Practice If you want to be successful at anything I believe it’s important to learn from those that have gone before you. So if you want to be successful in business it’s good to learn from those that have achieved the type of success you would like to achieve in your […]

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5 Keys to Scaling Your Chiropractic Business for Success

Scaling Your Chiropractic Practice When you first start a chiropractic practice, you want to build it up to cover all of your overhead and support your family but eventually, you realize that it can be so much more than just that. Your practice has an opportunity to make a significant impact in your community. But […]

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