How to Compare Chiropractic Marketing Companies for Your Upper Cervical Practice

Chiropractic Marketing Companies Comparison

Chiropractic Marketing companies

There are a variety of companies helping chiropractors with online marketing offering many different services. Some may offer you just a website and others a comprehensive Internet marketing program.

If you are thinking of delegating your Internet marketing there are several things to keep in mind to help you compare chiropractic marketing companies.

Let’s look at 3 crucial factors to compare.


Chiropractic online marketing companies focus on different things. Some are focused on search engine optimization for your website, others on Facebook chiropractic ads or another emphasis. There are also companies that focus on particular types of patients such as personal injury or Worker’s Compensation or another group of patients.

As an upper cervical specific practice you should seek to find an online marketing company that focuses on upper cervical practices and attracting the types of patients that you want to see.

The content you receive needs to be upper cervical specific. If it’s not then you’re going to be consistently having to change it yourself which is a real pain.

The problem is most chiropractic online marketing companies do not understand upper cervical specific work and instead will just give you general chiropractic content that will muddy your marketing message.

It is also important that you find a company that focuses on a comprehensive Internet marketing approach rather than putting all of their eggs in one basket such as search engine optimization or Facebook ads.

Different aspects of online marketing will be more effective in different markets and at different times so it’s important that you have a comprehensive approach that is structured to connect with people in your market through different mediums.

How to Compare Chiropractic Marketing Companies for Your Upper Cervical Practice
How to Compare Chiropractic Marketing Companies for Your Upper Cervical Practice
How to Compare Chiropractic Marketing Companies for Your Upper Cervical Practice


The next factor to compare is what you get for what you pay. Just because something’s cheap doesn’t mean that it will do anything for your practice. When it comes to online marketing there is a huge disparity in pricing. Some companies may charge a few hundred dollars per month and another company may charge over 10,000 per month.

An important factor is to determine exactly what is included in the program (and what’s not included). For instance, you may sign up to do Facebook ads with a company but the Facebook ad spend is not included. So you may spend $500 per month for building a Facebook ad campaign and managing it but then spend another thousand dollars a month on the Facebook ads themselves.

You want to look for a company that will do a lot of different things for one price and everything is included so there’s no add-ons. Online marketing is complicated and if you have to figure out what aspects of online marketing to purchase and which ones you don’t need you’re going to struggle to make a good decision. Instead find a company that’s willing to do a comprehensive program for one flat fee per month to reach your target market.


The third crucial factor to look at is the level of service you will receive.

Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Does the company have US-based support to help you consistently?
  • Do they offer training and assistance through each step of the process of getting your practice on boarded?
  • Is there ongoing reviews and strategy sessions included with your monthly fee?

Personal service is very important when it comes to doing business with a chiropractic online marketing company.

As you are comparing chiropractic online marketing companies I would encourage you to set up a five minute upper cervical practice screening with our team to determine if partnering with us would be something good to explore for your practice.

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