Connect with More People by Sharing Who You Are

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Connect with more people

Ever wondered how you can connect with more people and share your message of hope and healing? People do business with those they know and trust. It isn't enough to only have a great product or service. Actually, sustained success occurs when you build relational bridges with your community and even current patients. Studies show that the more connected you are with others, the more likely you are to have referrals, new patients and better retention. And THAT's great news! While there are several ways to connect with others, let's take a look at how you can connect with a larger audience by sharing who you are.

Be Authentic

To connect with more people, you must be authentic. Nothing will turn someone away from you and your amazing practice faster! Obviously, the #1 reason for someone to choose you and your practice is because they are looking to have a healthier life. But when you can couple your specialized services with an authentic approach you're going to win some super fans.

Being authentic helps you connect with more people because it shares who you are. That doesn't mean of course that you have to open up with all your life stories (nor should you). But it DOES mean that when you share, it should be from the heart. Whether it's talking with a current patient or checking in on a short online video, just speak plainly. This will resonate with your "people" so they will be more likely to understand who you are and what you do.

Be Intentional

Once you're in the zone of being authentic, you'll want to be intentional in how you share with your community, potential patients, and even current patients. This is another proven way to connect with more people and establish a strong brand. Just because you're open to connect with others doesn't mean it will automatically happen. It's not like people are necessarily going to actively pursue you. So, it's important to be intentional in sharing who you are.

One of the ways to do this is to have an updated bio on your website along with some key points as to what your practice is all about. Maybe even add an all team picture too (just be sure to keep this updated if there are any staff changes). Consider putting a link to your bio with a headshot on your website's main page to create an "open door" for people to see. For example, we have a button on our main page that says, "find out more about us." We also have a dedicated tab on our website navigation bar that says, "who we are" so people can easily learn more about what makes us tick and find out more about our team.

Other ways to intentionally connect with people by sharing who you are is through recorded videos and/or emails. Quick videos that cover key topics not only educate others, but they can also communicate your core values. Consider using newsletters to share your videos and have a section in them where you share WHY you do what you do and WHO you serve.

Look for Ways to Connect with More People

In addition to being authentic and intentional, the next step is to look for connecting points. What I mean by this is you should look for things your patients and potential patients are already talking about and then build a bridge. You certainly shouldn't try to be "all things to all people" but looking for connecting points so you can share who you are will create wins.

If you haven't already done so, define a few "avatars" of your ideal patient. What are their demographics (name, age, income, habits, lifestyle, etc)? Once you've identified some specific traits of your ideal patients, figure out where they hang out and what they talk about. Then look for ways to bring your message into their world. For example, if they are using Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, you should have your content and message on that platform. If they connect with text, email or other avenues, you should do likewise. The more you look for connecting points with your ideal patient(s) the more you will find success.

How to Connect with More People - Quick Points

Sharing who you are with your patients and potential patients ultimately create wins for your practice. It allows you to connect with more people and build more credibility and trust.

Remember, the key steps to take are:
1) Be Authentic
2) Be Intentional
3) Look for Connecting Points

Here's to knowing how to connect with more people and finding more opportunities for winning!

About the Author: Tony Hook
Tony Hook is a Sales Manager for Upper Cervical Marketing. His goal is to help Upper Cervical Doctors have the best practices possible.
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