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An excellent way to increase your referrals and referral conversion with social proof is with quarterly contests.

Social proof including video testimonials on Facebook, YouTube and your website and online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Health Grades, and Rate MDs etc. are frequently the unseen factor in dramatically increasing your referral conversion.

When someone is considering your office because a friend or family member has recommended you one of the first things they do in today’s digital world is Google you. This is when your online reputation becomes crucial. If you have positive social proof it is going to dramatically increase the likelihood of converting from someone who was referred to you into someone who is a new patient in your practice.

So a quarterly contest is a great way to both increase your referrals now and later by increasing your social proof.

Here’s how to do it.

Creating a Quarterly Contest

The first step is to make up your mind to do it and discuss it with your team in order to get them excited about how much fun it’s going to be.

The energy that you and your team bring to this contest will determine whether or not it is successful.

You want to have several weeks to brainstorm and plan for the launch of the contest.

Some of the specific aspects of the contest to brainstorm with your team include:

  • Prize or prizes
  • Giveaways
  • Raffle or Different Type of Contest
  • Activities and Rewards Associated
  • Ways to Promote Internally
  • Ways to Promote Externally
  • Ways to Promote Digitally
  • Theme
  • Who Is Responsible for What


One of the really fun parts of doing a quarterly contest is having a grand prize or a grand prize and several other smaller prizes for the winners of the contest. If your contest has a theme you can try to unite your prizes with your theme or you can just give away some big-ticket items that you believe your patients would be excited to win. Here are some ideas:

  • Three or Four Day Cruise for Two
  • A Weekend at a Bed and Breakfast
  • Platinum TV
  • iPad
  • Year-Long Gym Membership
  • Three Months of Free Groceries from a Natural Grocery Store
  • Tickets to a Concert
  • Tickets to a Sporting Event
  • Movie Tickets
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Health Food Store Gift Cards
  • Custom Pillow
  • Books

Whether you choose just one grand prize or a grand prize with a few smaller prizes the key is choosing prizes that your patients would be excited about and you and your team will know that better than anyone else.


Along with raffle prizes you may also want to have some giveaways along the way during the contest. These can help keep people engaged for the full three months you are running the contest. This could be a weekly giveaway for a free massage or free adjustments or bottle of supplements or whatever. The key again is to give something that is exciting to your patients and fun. You would frequently give this to the patient who accumulated the most raffle tickets that week.

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Raffle and Rewards

A raffle is usually the best format for this type of quarterly contest. In order to do the raffle you just need some raffle tickets and a large glass container to keep the raffle tickets in at your front desk in order to continue to remind people about the quarterly contest. You also will want to display your prizes in a prominent location in your office to keep the buzz going. You should assign a different amount of raffle tickets to different activities that patients would do during the quarter.

For instance:

  • 10 Tickets = Referral of Friend or Family Member
  • 8 Tickets = Bringing a Friend to a Class
  • 7 Tickets = Video Testimonial
  • 5 Tickets = Google Review
  • 4 Tickets = Facebook, Yelp, Health Grades, or Rate MDs Review
  • 3 Tickets = Facebook Check-In
  • 2 Tickets = Sharing a Facebook Post
  • 1 Ticket = Liking Our Facebook Page