Defining Your Ideal Patient For Your Upper Cervical Practice

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Taking Target Markets to a Whole New Level

Ideal patient

Currently I’m going through training to become a Hubspot certified partner and one of the 1st things we learned is the importance of developing a buyer persona. The buyer persona as it relates to the upper cervical chiropractor is essentially your ideal patient. Previously on this blog we have discussed niche marketing and target markets for upper cervical chiropractors. But the buyer persona idea takes this to a whole other level.

So what is a target market?

Business to community describes target markets like this; a lot of demographic information and very little psychographic information. This is an example of target market:

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 35-50 years old
  • Annual Income: $50,000-90,0000
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia

With that little information are you able to properly find and communicate with prospective new patients in that target market?

I don’t think so.

A buyer persona utilizes the target market demographic information, and much more in order to develop a fictionalized representation of the person that you’re looking to market to. Essentially a fictionalized representation of your ideal patient would be the upper cervical chiropractor’s buyer persona.

Why is this useful?

To be effective in marketing, especially online marketing it is important that you know as much as possible about the people that you would like to see more of in your office.

How to Develop a Buyer Persona (Ideal Patient) for Your Upper Cervical Practice

Hubspot has some excellent information when it comes to this topic. They discuss a series of 9 questions to ask yourself in order to develop your buyer persona. I adapted them into the most important questions for the upper cervical chiropractor to be asking himself in order to develop a buyer persona.

Defining Your Ideal Patient For Your Upper Cervical Practice

1. What is there demographic information?

This portion of the target market is still important for you to understand

2. What does a day in their life look like?

This is a very interesting exercise. Begin by picturing who this buyer persona is…this ideal patient and think about their daily life. Is it someone with migraine headaches, who wakes up every morning, not knowing if their day will start with a headache? Is it a young mother who on a daily basis is frustrated and tired because she can’t find an answer to her baby’s colic? Beginning to picture that person’s daily life will really help you with the rest of the questions.

3. What are their pain points?

You’re in business because you’re solving a problem for your target audience. How does that problem affect their day to day life? Go into detail, and focus on the nuances that illustrate how that problem makes them feel. Use my examples above to get your mind started.

Defining Your Ideal Patient For Your Upper Cervical Practice
Defining Your Ideal Patient For Your Upper Cervical Practice
Defining Your Ideal Patient For Your Upper Cervical Practice

4. What do they value most, and what are their goals?

Know the most important things for your ideal patient. What are they looking to accomplish? Think about their pain points to better understand their goals.

5. Where did they go for information?

Where is your ideal patient? Are they online? And if so, where are they online?

6. What experiences are your ideal patients looking for when investigating or utilizing your service?

Will your ideal patient think you are trustworthy? Will they picture you as credible and knowledgeable about their condition or problem?

7. What are the most common objections to your service?

Answering common objections for your prospective ideal patients is a key part of building trust and credibility. What are the most common questions that patients have when they 1st come into your office?

After you answer these 7 questions and begin to develop this buyer persona or ideal patient it is important that you share this information with your entire team so that all of you are focused on the types of people that you want to attract into your practice.

Here are some examples of buyer personas. You want to get as detailed as possible. Once you have this buyer persona in hand, you can begin to custom craft your unique marketing messages.

Just like with upper cervical chiropractic, the more specific you can be, the better the result will be.

About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of His goal is to spread the word about the best-kept secret in health through Upper Cervical Specific Business and Marketing Solutions.
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