Get More Specific with Your Chiropractic Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing vs. Technique

dr davis anayzing an xrayAs upper cervical chiropractors we are very focused on making sure that we are as precise and specific as possible with our adjusting procedures. We spend thousands of dollars learning how to take proper x-rays, analyze x-rays, and deliver a high quality, gentle and precise upper cervical correction.

So how come when we turn our attention to our Internet marketing strategy we become a general non-specific shotgun approach chiropractor?

It is time to get more specific with your upper cervical chiropractic marketing strategy.

Upper cervical chiropractors are in one of 3 categories when it comes to Internet marketing:

You Have No Clue about Internet Marketing and No Interest in Doing It

This Is the Doctor who either does no marketing because they have no interest in growing their practice, or think that marketing is somehow bad.

If you are in this category you are most likely never going to read this blog post. But the only thing I have to say about that mentality is if your practice is not growing it is declining. And internal and external marketing is just business. If you are not marketing, you’re in denial about the fact that you are in business.

You Are Using a General Chiropractic or General Business Internet Marketing Company

When I was in practice I did both at different times. Here’s the problem that I ran into.

The general business Internet marketing companies don’t understand how you are different and unique as an upper cervical chiropractor. They want to give you general chiropractic content and make you use that in your marketing. This never worked for me.

There are many general chiropractic Internet marketing companies out there. Some good, some not so good. One of them that I used unsuccessfully, recently promised a friend of mine that his $6000 investment would be doubled within 6 months. At the end of 6 months he had seen one new patient as a result of their efforts. And that new patient had actually come from a referral from one of his other patients that just happened to find themselves on that Internet marketing company’s website.

Unfortunately general chiropractic Internet marketing companies will take a one size fits all approach to all chiropractors. A majority of their efforts will be focused on having you rank number one on Google for chiropractor, your town. I have previously I wrote why this strategy is not wise for an upper cervical chiropractor.

But it really comes down to focusing on your target market, which is different than a general chiropractor and doing that in a specific and precise way. Separating yourself as an upper cervical specific chiropractor who is able to help people who no one else can.

You are trying to do all of Your Internet Marketing Yourself

To do Internet marketing well requires time, energy and skill.

Writing and optimizing blog posts, making, editing and optimizing videos, keeping up on search engine optimization, updating your social media channels, doing keyword research, monitoring your statistics and more can get very overwhelming very quickly.

A brand-new doctor may have the time, energy and skill it takes to do Internet marketing well. But very quickly is going to get impossible to devote a sufficient amount of time and energy.

And a busy clinic director will definitely not have the time.

How You Can Outsource Internet Marketing and Still Keep a Unique Upper Cervical Approach

target marketJust like your technique when you are as precise and specific as possible with Internet marketing you get better results. At our mission is to help as many doctors as possible reach their communities with a targeted upper cervical specific approach. We do the work for you, but work closely with you to present your clinic the way you want us to.

Our strategy is to target specific conditions or groups of patients who you want to see more of in your clinic. And then present your unique upper cervical solution. Check out our upper cervical chiropractic Internet marketing solutions.

To learn more about Internet marketing for the upper cervical practice. Download our free e-book The Essential Step-By-Step Guide to Internet Marketing For the Upper Cervical Chiropractor below:

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