Grow Your Chiropractic Practice with the Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of the year

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Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Every year we produce a ton of content to help you grow your chiropractic practice. This year was an especially great year for content. So we wanted to make sure that you digested the content that we think would help you grow your chiropractic practice the most next year.

So here are the top 10 blogs and podcasts of the year!

Grow your chiropractic practice

#1 Chiropractic Facebook Ads: 3 Extremely Important Do's and Don'ts

facebook ads

This was an extremely popular blog post this year. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you have a marketing company helping you with Facebook ads it's important to have a basic understanding of current standards. If you have already read this blog post make sure you do.

#2 The Best Digital Marketing for Chiropractors in 2020

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a constantly changing target so it's important to keep up with best practices especially if you're trying to do it yourself. This blog post was a real help to a lot of doctors this year.

#3 UCM 111: Building a 100% Referral Practice through the Pursuit of Excellence with Dr. Matt McNally

Dr. Matthew McNally on the upper cervical marketing podcast

Our most popular podcast of the year was episode 111 with Dr. Matt McNally of Tomah, Wisconsin. Tony Hook and Dr. McNally discussed how he has built an incredible practice that is 100% referral while at the same time rejecting all marketing...we can't even get Dr. McNally to build a website :-). But it has worked for him extremely well. Imagine how big his practice would be if he had an online presence.

#4 6th Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey Results

Grow Your Chiropractic Practice with the Top 10 Blogs and Podcasts of the year

If you are looking to grow your chiropractic practice next year it's important that you understand the industry and best practices. As always our upper cervical practice survey is extremely popular. This year had a ton of great insights for you to apply right away.

#5 How to Pick the Best Chiropractic Marketing Plan for YOU

Chiropractic marketing plan

Another popular blog post this year was about how to best pick a marketing plan to help you grow your chiropractic practice. This is a great time of year to be evaluating your marketing plan so take a look at this blog post make your plan to grow next year.

#6 UCM 101: Reaching Everyone in a Community by Keeping Your Passion, Purpose, and Priorities with Dr. Joe Parpala

Dr. Joe Parpala on the Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast

Another podcast that provided a lot of value for our tribe this year was with Dr. Joe Parpala of True North Spinal Care in Hermantown Minnesota. Dr. Joe discussed how to reach everyone in your community by focusing on your passion, purpose, and priorities. Great value!

#7 UCM 100: Highlights from Our First 100 Episodes with Dr. Bill Davis and Tony Hook

Tony Hook on the Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast

This was a podcast full of value and wisdom. Tony hook and I highlighted some of the most important episodes from our first 100 episodes of the upper cervical marketing podcast. If you didn't hear this show it's a must-listen if you want to grow your chiropractic practice.

#8 21 Keys to Build a Successful Chiropractic Practice in 2021 and Beyond

Build a successful chiropractic practice

Talk about a blog post packed full of valuable content. This popular blog post has over 2500 words of wisdom to help you grow next year. It's an absolute treasure trove of chiropractic practice gold.

#9 UCM 103: Overcoming New Barriers in Marketing during This Worldwide Panic with Dr. Bill Davis and Tony Hook

overcoming new barriers in marketing

The most important word we have been stressing to our clients, listeners, and readers since all of this started in March was "pivot". This popular podcast was focused on how it is crucial to pivot your marketing strategy to adapt to the present environment.

#10 UCM 099: A 30 Year Pursuit of Excellence with Dr. Kurt Sherwood

Dr. Kurt Sherwood on the Upper Cervical Marketing Podcast

Episode 99 with Dr. Kurt Sherwood of Restoration Spinal Care in Renton Washington was another extremely popular podcasts this year. Dr. Kurt and I discussed the importance of pursuing excellence in all areas of your practice to consistently grow. I would highly recommend this podcast if you want to grow your chiropractic practice next year.

And of course, if you really want to focus on growing your practice next year it is crucial that you have a solid digital marketing strategy in place if you would like to discuss your marketing plan give us a call at 877-252-1230.

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