spinal screenings

Frequently, Upper Cervical Doctors will have a strong reaction to spinal screenings.

They will either love them or hate them.

But for every doctor that loves spinal screenings, there are probably 10 that hate them.

If you’re in that situation I want you to know that you do not need to do spinal screenings to have a successful Upper Cervical Practice. There are many highly successful Upper Cervical Doctors who never do screenings.

So if you’re not going to do screenings what can you do to market your practice and love your marketing?

We are going to look at 3 key marketing strategies that most Upper Cervical Doctors love.

In Office Referrals

The first strategy is to increase the number of in office referrals you are generating. In office referrals are the lifeblood of any Upper Cervical Practice.

There are many reasons why you may not be generating as many referrals from your existing patients as you would like, including:

  • inconsistent or poor clinical results
  • no or poor patient education
  • not asking patients for referrals in creative and consistent ways
  • not making it easy for a patient to refer others
  • not having adequate social proof in place

There are other reasons as well but let’s take a look at these five and how to overcome them.

Inconsistent or Poor Clinical Results

If you are getting inconsistent or poor clinical results in your practice your referrals will suffer. To overcome this you have to invest in your technique.

  • Are you board-certified in your upper cervical technique? If not are you working towards that?
  • Do you have a technique mentor? If not how can you find one and consistently bring them films from your office to get feedback?
  • Are you keeping your body healthy and strong in order to deliver the adjustment well?
  • Is your mind focused when you are seeing patients or are you thinking about other things?
  • Do you regularly attend technique conferences for your upper cervical discipline?

No or Poor Patient Education

Consistently in our Annual Upper Cervical Practice Survey the number one way that Upper Cervical Doctors generate new patients internally in their office is through patient education. It is crucial that you have consistent patient education through every system of your practice. Patients need to know what you’re doing and why you do it so they can communicate it to others.

There are a number of great patient education resources available in our store including handouts, brochures, posters, charts and more.

Here is one example:

education station

Upper Cervical Patient Education Station

A series of educational flyers that can be used to educate patients on an ongoing basis. Included with this program are 15 UC educational tidbits, 3 patient quizzes, a welcome letter, protocol to implement and signage art to print out to announce the Education Station program.

Flyer files are personalized with your office information and emailed via PDF.

Topics include:

  • Subluxation: The Silent Killer
  • The Power That Made The Body, Heals The Body
  • Cause Correction Vs. Symptom Treatment
  • What Caused the Subluxation?
  • True Health: Expressing 100% of Your Potential
  • Upper Cervical Care
  • Retracing: Navigating the Path Back to Health
  • The Big Idea: Why the World Needs Upper Cervical
  • Family Care: Why Should My Children Get Checked?
  • Lifetime Care: It’s About Prevention
  • The Great Physician
  • Referrals: We are Our Brother’s Keeper
  • Visit Frequency Depends on Healing
  • History Lesson
  • Upper Cervical Care Facts
  • Patient Quizzes

You can purchase the education station at https://uppercervicalmarketing.com/product/upper-cervical-patient-education-station/

Not Asking Patients for Referrals in Creative and Consistent Ways

Many patients don’t know they are supposed to refer others to your practice.

It is important that you are educating patients about the importance of referring others and giving them opportunities to refer consistently and creatively.

This includes:

All of these approaches can help you ask patients for referrals in professional, creative, and consistent ways.

Not Making It Easy For a Patient to Refer Others

If it’s going to take a lot of time, money, or frustration to refer a friend or family member, many people won’t do it.

Having a basic 15 minute free consultation offer with minimal new patient paperwork is frequently an easy offer to make to a friend or family member for one of your patients.

Or you may choose to do a discounted exam or discounted first visit to make it easier for your patient to refer others. This is completely up to you and your practice but you want to remove this roadblock if possible.

Using a health certificate with your offer already ready to go can make this even more effective.

Not Having Adequate Social Proof in Place

Social proof such as online reviews and video testimonials are an essential part of practice. In today’s digital world the number one thing that someone will do after they hear about your office from a friend or family member is Google your practice or visit your website. So to increase your referral conversion it is crucial that you are consistently building your reputation online through online reviews and video testimonial acquisition.

If you’re looking for effective strategies to generate consistent online reviews and video testimonials grab our Reputation Builder Toolkit.

If you address these 5 common mistakes your in office referrals will increase.

Professional Referrals

The next strategy to focus on in order to move away from a dependence on spinal screenings is increasing the number of professional referrals you are generating.

Many upper cervical doctors are generating a large amount of professional referrals, sometimes as many as 50 to 80% of their total new patients through creative relationship building with other health professionals.

Some doctors have created an entire network of health professionals in their communities that they meet with regularly to exchange ideas and eventually referrals.

In episode 40 of the podcast, Dr. Giancarlo Licata and I discussed this strategy in detail.

This study group concept is consistently working well for many Upper Cervical Doctors.

Digital Marketing

The last strategy we are going to discuss today is the importance of connecting with potential new patients where they already are.

Smart phones have revolutionized the way we get information and stay connected to the world.

Doctors that embrace the digital world we live in and have strategies in place to connect with potential new patients and guide them into your office will see tremendous results today and into the future.

Upper Cervical Marketing has been an expert in upper cervical care and digital marketing for over 5 years. We have helped over 150 Upper Cervical Doctors in 4 different countries, including over 30 U.S. states, to connect with over 18,000 new patients, revolutionize their online presence, and grow their practice.

If you want to move away from spinal screenings and still connect with sick and suffering people in your community then we would love to talk with you. You can give us a call at 877-252-1230 for a five-minute Upper Cervical Practice Screening to determine if it makes sense for us to take a deeper dive.

Here is an example of one of our clients who was able to get his nights and weekends back from spinal screenings because of our Upper Cervical Marketing System.

Becoming a client with Upper Cervical Marketing happens in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: UC Practice Screening (a conversation to identify areas that need help)

Step 2: Review Your Market Analysis and Blueprint (together we will go over how you can get the results you’re looking for and select a system)

Step 3: Select Your System (our team works with you to pick a system that is the best investment)

Step 4: Launch Your System (our team designs and launches your UC specific system)

Step 5: Support and Insight (our team provides ongoing support and insight to help you get the best possible results)

So give us a call at 877-252-1230 for step one A Five-Minute UC Practice Screening to determine if it makes sense to move on to step two.

It’s time to take upper cervical to the world!

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