How Can a Facebook Fan Page Help Your Upper Cervical Practice?

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Here are 3 critical steps that you need to take in order to have success with your Facebook fanpage.

Post regularly

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  • If you don’t regularly post to Facebook it’s better to not even have a page!
    • It is best to post 5 days a week, but at least post every day that your office is open
  • The best things to post are daily updates, statistically these updates are the most read, liked and shared from my offices.
    • Basically just put 2 or 3 lines about your day. A quick testimonial, patient experience, patient question-and-answer are all fantastic!
  • The next best thing is pictures
    • A picture of you with a patient, a picture of you with your dog, a picture of you with your kids, your wife, a picture of your CA or associate.
  • And lastly, post links to any blog posts you’ve written
  • You can automate the posting process with HootSuite
    • This will allow you to schedule all your postings a week in advance and will allow you to post to multiple social media sites all at once. Go to for more info.
How Can a Facebook Fan Page Help Your Upper Cervical Practice?
How Can a Facebook Fan Page Help Your Upper Cervical Practice?
How Can a Facebook Fan Page Help Your Upper Cervical Practice?

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Get more check-ins

  • Encouraging your patients to check in when at your office is another great way to promote your Facebook page.
    • Every time someone checks in at your office it will be posted to their timeline and shared with their friends. This is a great way to get a conversation started between your patients and their friends about your care.

Get more recommendations

  • Encourage your patients to recommend you on Facebook
    • On your Facebook page, there is a section for recommendations. Your patients can give you a star rating and write a quick testimonial that will show on your page, and on their timeline.

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