How to Choose the BEST Internal and External Chiropractic Marketing Events

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Chiropractic Marketing Events: Best External & Internal Tips

You know you should be doing SOMETHING to reach your local community and cultivate internal referrals...but WHAT? There are a TON of different chiropractic marketing events to choose from, but the last thing you want is to waste your precious time (and your team's)! Here is a short guide to help you choose the BEST internal and external chiropractic marketing events.

Know yourself and your team

Before you scramble to fill your calendar with internal and external events, consider the strength of you and your team. For example, if the mere thought of doing spinal screenings on weekends drains your soul then don't do them! For any marketing event to be successful, there needs to be passion, energy, and a buy-in from you and your team. So, a key step to know how to choose the best internal and external marketing events is to know the strengths of you and your team.

Make a list of each team member (including yourself) and jot down 3-5 strengths for each. Who is best at connecting quickly with new people? Is one teammate better at cultivating deeper relationships? Who might be excited to help plan an event? Knowing the answers to these questions (and others) as well as the strengths of you and your team will help you select which events best "fit" your upper cervical chiropractic office.

For Solo Practitioners: We highly recommend you work towards hiring staff to assist you. However, until you can do this, you're the show! Because of this, you definitely want to choose the best internal and external events that fit YOU. They need to give you the most bang for your buck, be the best use of your time, and be something you can pull off solo.

Resource: Organize your team, define key roles, and establish your team with the Organization Chart Template.

Organization Chart Template to help choose the best internal and external chiropractic marketing events

 Know your goals

The best marketing events

Shoot! Ready! Aim! Unfortunately, this can often times be the tactic for chiropractic office events. Zig Ziglar used to say, "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time!" There's a lot of truth to this statement. To choose the best internal and external marketing events, be sure to define specific goals you would like to achieve. Are you looking to acquire new patients? More referrals? More community awareness? Also, as you define your goals, be sure to communicate this with your team so you are all on the same page. Once you know the strengths of yourself and your team and know your goals, you are ready to select the event that will work best for you!

Resource: Get help defining your goals and strategizing with success secrets from the world's top upper cervical doctors. All this and more is found in the book, Upper Cervical Practice Mastery.

Upper Cervical Practice Mastery to help choose the best internal and external marketing

Know what works

Of course, each individual market is different. That being said, we have found that certain chiropractic marketing events tend to work better than others. After years of interviewing and working with upper cervical doctors here are the top 3 events:

How to Choose the BEST Internal and External Chiropractic Marketing Events

New Patient Orientation Class: This is a powerful retention tool to help patients understand relief, correction, strengthening, maintenance, and wellness care. The more people understand upper cervical care, the more likely they are to get better results, stay under care, and refer others.

How to Choose the BEST Internal and External Chiropractic Marketing Events

Health Talk: A great way to get out in your community and build relationships with like-minded businesses and create awareness of Upper Cervical Care. Partner with an area business and host a health talk. You talk briefly about UC care and they talk about their product or service. Your business partner will promote the health talk to their customers and you will do the same. It’s a great grassroots program with little expense!

How to Choose the BEST Internal and External Chiropractic Marketing Events

Dinner with the Doc: Everyone loves free food and this dinner program is a great way to get people together in a relaxing atmosphere. This helps to deepen patient relationships and also provides an opportunity for current patients to invite friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. Typically, this produces a high closing rate of new patients.

Looking for more event ideas? Browse through this list of 101 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas and choose the best internal and external chiropractic marketing events for you!

101 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Track your results

So, once you know the strengths of you and your team, your goals to accomplish, and what will work best for you, be sure to track your results. If you don't take this important step, you won't know what is working and what isn't! Record the attendance, number of consults, and number of new patients that come from each event you do. Over time, you'll quickly see if the event is paying off or if it's time to look at a new way to accomplish your goals. And remember, you're doing this to ultimately change lives as you bring hope and healing to sick and suffering people!

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