How to Design Your 2018 Chiropractic Marketing Plan for Growth

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2018 Chiropractic Marketing Plan

This article is going to help you design your 2018 Chiropractic Marketing Plan.

This is going to be a highly interactive article that’s going to walk you through how to lay out your plan step-by-step.

First, you will need to download our Chiropractic Marketing Plan Calendar.

marketing-calendarAs this will be necessary as we go through the rest of this article and lay out the plan for 2018.

You will see on the marketing plan calendar a layout of the month that you can print out and hang up on your wall.

You will also see a section for each month that has three internal marketing spots and three external marketing spots for you to keep track of your marketing initiatives for that month.

In 2018 the most successful Upper Cervical Practices will combine 3 types of marketing in their chiropractic marketing plan:

  1. Online Marketing
  2. External Outreach
  3. Patient Education and Internal Events

These three types of marketing, when done effectively, will feed into each other and will give you a steady stream of high-quality new patients coming into your office throughout 2018.

This type of marketing strategy will also help you retain the patients you have and reactivate inactive patients.

Online marketing when done effectively is both an internal marketing approach and an external marketing approach.

So that should be your first line of both of the boxes like this:

January 2018


To implement a comprehensive online marketing program it can be very complicated and very time-consuming for you or your staff. For the cost of a part-time team member, we can help you implement a comprehensive online marketing program that will support both all internal and external marketing initiatives you will be doing in 2018.

To learn more grab a market analysis and blueprint for your upper cervical practice below:

analyze your market

Once you have your online marketing figured out next you want to brainstorm 2 internal events and 2 external events that you will be doing each month.

Let’s go through some internal events first.

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing should all be focused on patient education and internal events in some way shape or form.

Patient education is the number one way that doctors have been effectively generating new patients internally according to our 2017 Upper Cervical Practice Survey.

So you want to make sure that you have an ongoing patient education strategy for your upper cervical practice.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to get the Upper Cervical Patient Education Station. This is a series of educational flyers that can be used to educate patients on an ongoing basis. Included with this program are 15 UC educational tidbits, 3 patient quizzes, a welcome letter, protocol to implement and signage art to print out to announce the Education Station program.

Upper Cervical Education Station

This program is very intentional and very effective for creating well-educated patients who will tell others about you and your practice in 2018. If you decide to implement the education station beginning in January like we would recommend then go ahead and add that to your marketing plan calendar like this.


Another excellent internal marketing promotion to utilize with the education station is the Certificate of Health Program.

The certificate of health program is a way that you can make it easy for your patients to refer others. Anytime you have a patient who mentions a family member, friend or coworker you give them a certificate of health which provides that family member, friend or coworker with a discounted first visit with an expiration date.

The certificate of health program is a very effective way to improve your referral conversion as you give someone an incentive and urgency to come in and see you.

We have an entire program on how to effectively do the certificate of health program along with the graphics and implementation if you just click on the image below.

Certificate of health

If you decide this is another initiative that you are going to implement in January go ahead and add it to your internal marketing list like this:


How to Design Your 2018 Chiropractic Marketing Plan for Growth
How to Design Your 2018 Chiropractic Marketing Plan for Growth
How to Design Your 2018 Chiropractic Marketing Plan for Growth

External Marketing Outreach

Next, you want to decide what 2 external marketing outreach initiatives you will be implementing in January 2018.

One of the best external marketing outreaches I’ve seen over the past several years is what’s called the Ladies Night of Indulgence.

This outreach program is very effective at attracting more women into your practice. Women are the primary health care decision-makers for their families and it’s very important that you attract women into your practice consistently.

If you want to learn exactly how the ladies night of indulgence outreach program works including an implementation protocol, sponsor letter that you can use to solicit other businesses to be involved and personalized flyers that you can use to promote the event grab our Ladies Night of Indulgence execution plan by clicking the image below.

Ladies night of indulgence

If you decide to implement this external marketing outreach make sure you are thoroughly promoting this through your online marketing and email and social media formats along with your internal promotion.

If you decide to move forward with this program then go ahead and add that to your list on your marketing plan calendar like this:


Another great external marketing outreach initiative to start in January is generating professional referrals from other health practitioners.

We have a ton of great information about generating professional referrals on this website including these great articles:

But if you’re looking for a resource to help you in this area I want to recommend a resource from Dr. Noel Lloyd which is a PowerPoint presentation you can utilize when talking with medical doctors in a lunch and learn format.

Here is the resource

professional referral strategy

If you decide to implement a professional referral strategy go ahead and add that to your list like this:


Now you are ready for January 2018 with the following marketing plan:


Next, you want to add specific dates to the calendar like this:

  • Education Station Implementation rollout Tuesday, January 2
  • Certificate of Health Program Implementation rollout Tuesday, January 2
  • Online Marketing Strategy Session with Upper Cervical Marketing Wednesday, January 3
  • Professional Referral Strategy Implementation Monday, January 8
  • Ladies Night of Indulgence Event Tuesday, January 23 at 6 PM

Also, you want to add specific dates for support of your initiatives such as:

Next Steps

Chiropractic marketing plan

Once you lay out a solid plan for success in January next move on to February and March etc.

You may want to continue certain initiatives that are working well or implement new initiatives such as:

Plan for your greatest success in 2018 and remember:

“Victory awaits him who has everything in order – luck people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck.”

-Roald Amundsen (1st Explorer to reach the South Pole)

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