How to Develop a Chiropractic Marketing Plan

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Marketing Plan

time to planAs the owner of an upper cervical practice it is important that you never take your foot off the gas when it comes to your marketing. Marketing needs to be a year-round month by month, week by week, day by day part of your practice.

Although my specialty is in chiropractic online marketing, specifically for the upper cervical chiropractor, I have always stressed the importance of having a solid chiropractic internal marketing plan. The goal for every office should be to get to the point where 90% of their new patients are coming from referral and your practice is seeing as many patients as you want.

Internet marketing is important part of growing a practice and of sustaining a steady stream of new patients. But your goal as an upper cervical specialist should always be to create referrals from the new patients and existing patients that you acquire from the Internet or elsewhere.

Internal Marketing for Chiropractors

Here are just some of the ways that I have had success with over the years in my practice:

One of the best ways to create referrals is to have a systematic plan in place, you can do that by laying out a 12 month rotating Chiropractic Marketing Plan Calendar. Click through the links above and read about the different marketing tips and approaches outlined above. Then begin to lay out your calendar. You can grab your calendar below.

Once you have your chiropractic marketing plan calendar completed, then you will be able to set specific goals focused on creating referrals with the different tools at your disposal.

Chiropractic Marketing Calculator and Budget

Next you should determine how much you should be spending on marketing every month and how best to allocate and track those expenses in a budget. We’ve created an excellent resource to help you do just that. Download our Chiropractic Marketing Calculator and Budget by clicking the image below:

Chiropractic Marketing Calculator

Where should we send your calculator and budget?

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