Develop a Chiropractic Marketing Plan To Make 2019 Your BEST Year

“This year will be different” you think to yourself as you sit at your computer after hours, envisioning the new year. “I’m not going to put off what I know needs to be done…it’s time for some REAL growth!” You briefly reflect on the past year, specifically remembering you had intended to do a chiropractic marketing plan to spread the word about your practice. Marketing is always something you’ve wanted to do well, but something always seems to come up to occupy your time, energy, and funds. “This year HAS to be different” you mutter out loud, beginning to rack your brain for ideas.

But will it be?

And not only will this year be different, but will it be a GOOD different?

Well, it certainly CAN be…and here’s a tool to help ya do it! Download our Chiropractic Marketing Calendar and take charge!

But, that’s just the beginning…you’ll need to fill it in with creative (and helpful) marketing ideas.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you do this AND provide resources for you to fulfill your plan…how cool is that!


If you check out your marketing calendar, there is a layout of the month that you can print out and hang up on your wall. Keep it front of mind!

Also, you will see a section for each month that has three internal marketing spots and three external marketing spots for you to keep track of your marketing initiatives for that month.

2019 Chiropractic Marketing Plan

In 2019 the most successful Upper Cervical Practices will combine 3 types of marketing in their chiropractic marketing plan:

  1. Online Marketing
  2. External Outreach
  3. Patient Education and Internal Events

These 3 types of marketing, when done effectively, will feed into each other and will give you a steady stream of high-quality new patients coming into your office throughout 2019.

Overall, this type of marketing strategy will also help you retain the patients you have and reactivate inactive patients.

Online marketing when done effectively is both an internal marketing approach and an external marketing approach.

So…that should be your first line of both of the boxes. Like this:

Implementing a comprehensive (and integrated) online marketing program can be very complicated and very time-consuming for you or your staff. For the cost of a part-time team member, we can help you implement a comprehensive and integrated online marketing program. Also, this will support all internal and external marketing initiatives you will be doing in 2019 as well as tackling online marketing. It works (and makes it easier on ya)!

To learn about your market and see what plan would work for you, set up a discovery session for your upper cervical practice below:


Once you have your online marketing figured out, next you’ll want to brainstorm 2 internal events and 2 external events that you will be doing each month. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be these huge things that create a burden. The good news is we have a blog that has a bunch of ideas to help you come up with marketing ideas. And here it is: 101 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Now let’s start with some internal events.

Internal Marketing

Education Station:

Internal marketing should all be focused on patient education and internal events in some way, shape, or form.

Patient education is the number one way that doctors have been effectively generating new patients internally according to our 2018 Upper Cervical Practice Survey.

So, you’ll want to make sure that you have an ongoing patient education strategy for your upper cervical practice.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to get the Upper Cervical Patient Education Station. This is a series of educational flyers that can be used to educate patients on an ongoing basis.

Upper Cervical Education Station CHIROPRACTIC MARKETING

This program is very intentional and effective for creating well-educated patients who will tell others about you and your practice in 2019. If you decide to implement the education station beginning in January, go ahead and add that to your marketing plan calendar like this:


Certificate of Health:

Another excellent internal marketing promotion to utilize with the education station is the Certificate of Health Program.

The certificate of health program is a way that you can make it easy for your patients to refer others. Anytime you have a patient who mentions a family member, friend or coworker you give them a certificate of health which provides that family member, friend or coworker with a discounted first visit with an expiration date.

We have an entire program on how to effectively do the certificate of health program along with the graphics and implementation if you…easy peesy! Just click on the image below.