How to Get A Good Video Testimonial for Your Upper Cervical Practice Part 1 of 2

Video Testimonials

video testimonials
There are 2 aspects of online marketing that you can never have enough of that is video testimonials and online reviews.

When getting video testimonials it is important to focus on the emotion. The people that will watch this video who are struggling with the same health condition will understand what the person is going through and will begin to imagine what their life would be like if they weren’t struggling with their health anymore.

Key Questions

There are several key questions that you will want to have your patient answer in the video testimonial:

  • What is your first name and where are you from?
    • You want the people watching the video to be able to relate to the individual in the video. Hearing their name in the area that there from helps with that. It can also be good for optimization.
  • What was your life like before coming to our office?
    • This question connects with the individuals watching it because they will hear similar feelings, limitations, treatments, results etc. that they are currently experiencing.
  • What is your life like now?
    • This is crucial. When a patient expresses the dramatic difference that upper cervical care has made in their life they can help push a potential new patient to seek the help they need.
  • How do you see your life going forward now that you have been helped?
    • This question basically wraps it all together and helps the individual watching it see what is possible for them in the future if they seek care in your office.

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How to Get Them

I have seen extremely effective video testimonials done by professional videographers and also with an iPhone. I do not believe that it is necessary to hire a videographer to get video testimonials. The most important aspect of getting a good video testimonial is to make sure that you get a tripod for the device that you are utilizing. Whether you are using an iPhone, an iPad, a video camera or whatever the most important part is that it is not shaky. So you will need a tripod and a tripod adapter. You want people to be able to see the person that is speaking clearly. The 2nd most important part is that you can hear them clearly. You can get a lapel mic or a mic that connects to an iPad to help improve your audio. James Wedmore has a nice guide that you can get here to help you transform your iPhone into a fantastic video camera. But again what you will need is:

  1. tripod
  2. tripod adapter
  3. lapel mic

After you record it would recommend going the extra mile and getting the video testimonial edited with your animated logo at the front of the video and a call to action at the end of the video. We do offer a service that includes this type of editing along with search engine optimizing and promoting the video testimonial to dozens of important video sharing sites. You can find out more about our video testimonial optimization and promotion service here.

Getting Permission to Use the Video Testimonial

So you got your video testimonial it looks and sounds fantastic. It is also important that you get permission to be able to use the video testimonial in your marketing. Here is a nice video testimonial release form that you could to use as a model to create for your own practice

As I said the beginning of this blog post it is crucial to continue to get video testimonials as long as you are in practice. Online reviews and video testimonials will continue to be an extremely important part of how prospective patients make decisions when it comes to their health going forward.

But as you can see from the graphic below video testimonials are only about 10% of the overall picture that is online marketing. You can have fantastic video testimonials and not be successful in online marketing because you do not have a comprehensive program in place to utilize those video testimonials effectively in all aspects of your marketing. Video testimonials can be used on your website, social media, landing pages, Facebook ads, email auto responders, blog posts, email newsletters etc.

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