How to Pick the Best Chiropractic Marketing Plan for YOU

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Best Chiropractic Marketing Plan

If you're like 99% of upper cervical doctors, you got into this field because you're passionate about helping sick and suffering people find hope and healing.

We both know that your practice is awesome and you can help, but the challenge remains...

Getting more of the right people to come in to see you!

Welcome to the need to find the best chiropractic marketing plan. Now, when I say "marketing" I'm speaking of the true meaning: spreading the word about you and your services and how others can benefit.

This involves everything from asking for referrals to office events to paid chiropractic advertising.

In fact, if you want to see positive change, you NEED to do some great marketing. That's why you need to pick the best chiropractic marketing plan for you and your practice.

Best chiropractic marketing plan

How to Know the Best Chiropractic Marketing Plan for YOU

Finding the best chiropractic marketing plan for you is certainly achievable and I'm here to help make it easy.

There are 3 steps you'll want to take: DISCOVER, EVALUATE, and DECIDE.

Whether you've already given some consideration to these areas or this is your first time, it's worth the effort if you want to help more people!

First: Discover Your Uniqueness

Knowing how you, your team, and your community is unique is the foundation for a targeted, successful marketing plan. Explore with me to find the best chiropractic marketing plan for you and your team:

You and Your Team's Uniqueness

What makes you, YOU? What about your team? Think of personalities, ways of doing things, likes, dislikes, standards, quirks, etc. to uncover how you and your team are wired.

This is important because if you're in an office full of introverts, the last marketing event you'll want to do is a health screening at a local health fair!

Take a moment to list yourself and each team member and start attaching some adjectives or phrases that define each person.

Market Uniqueness

Oftentimes, what sets your community apart can be a niche for you to focus on with your best chiropractic marketing plan. Is there a higher concentration of families, veterans, or kids?

Do you have an involved police force or local football team? These are all things that make your market (your community) unique and is an opportunity to connect.

The Uniqueness of Your WHY

Have you heard a sort of buzz lately about knowing your "why?" What this is referring to is defining what intrinsically motivates you. What wakes you up in the morning and what keeps you awake at night?

Oftentimes, your "why?" can be discovered by identifying your core values. Knowing your "why" will definitely help you have laser focus to find the best chiropractic marketing plan that fits YOU.

Remember to incorporate your uniqueness into everything you do, including any marketing plans.

Don't overthink it or force it. But, it should be intentional and is a litmus test to determine whether or not to try'll know if there's a match.

Second: Evaluate Your Practice

Now that you know what makes you unique...let's take a look at your practice to clarify key tasks and identify any needs you have.

Knowing the essential roles and tasks for you and your team, as well as any weaknesses will help you respond and equip yourself properly with the best chiropractic marketing plan.

Identify Key Performance Indicators

Make a list of all the duties of each person on your team, including yourself. Now prioritize this list, putting the most important needs on the top and the least important on the bottom. Don't worry about splitting hairs on this one, just get a general ranking.

Now go through and mark all of the tasks that are a MUST DO for each team member. These are the Key Performance Indicators for each role on your team and will help you with the next step...

Determine What Should be Delegated or Outsourced

There are often tasks that can be modified, cut out entirely, delegated to a team member, or even outsourced to someone more suited to handle them. Look back at your original list and take note of all the unmarked tasks for each team member.

These tasks are not key performance indicators and should be either modified, cut out, delegated, or outsourced. Consider using this "Stop Doing List Exercise" to aid you in the process.

Stop Doing List for Upper Cervical Chiropractors

Not only will evaluating your practice help with productivity, but it pays off when developing your best chiropractic marketing plan.

Here's how:

Based on the key performance indicators and unique skills of you and your team, you can identify who can best fulfill any internal, external, or online marketing needs. Work this into your marketing plan in the next step.

Also, if you generally know your marketing needs (i.e. attract qualified new patients, help people find you online, increase your online reputation, have stronger community awareness, etc), but no one is able to deliver in any of these're missing out. However, there ARE resources for you that can on.

Third: Decide on the Best Chiropractic Marketing Plan

Since you've discovered your uniqueness and evaluated your practice, now it's time to work up your marketing plan...a plan that works for YOU.

Use Your Resources

Did you know that there are resources at your fingertips to aid you in designing a marketing plan?

Specifically, there are a number of great blogs/articles online that give current insights into effectively tackling internal, external, and online marketing. For example, you can find an entire collection of a wide range of FREE resources by clicking here.

Compare Solutions

Consider the resources at your disposal, consider your strengths and those of your team (from steps 1 & 2) and decide what is the best marketing plan for you. Obviously, budget plays a role, but there should always be a solid return on your investment.

Remember...every GREAT marketing plan is exactly INVESTMENT.

Marketing plans are not a "1 size fits all" solution. Moreover, what works today for you, may not be what you need 6 months or a year from now. But, the good news is, there is always a plan that will work for you.

Having trouble with any of these steps? We can help! You can contact us here, or schedule a time to talk here or give a call at (877) 252-1230.

Go Team Upper Cervical!

About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
Dr. Bill Davis is the Founder and CEO of His goal is to spread the word about the best-kept secret in health through Upper Cervical Specific Business and Marketing Solutions.
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