How to Optimize Your Google Maps Listing for Search Engines and New Patients

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Optimizing your Google Maps listing also known as your Google local listing or Google my business is becoming more and more important for Google search rankings.

What is Google My Business?

Google my business is Google's one-stop shop to manage how your practice will look and perform in the search engine. It is an essential tool to find out and adjust how your site shows in Maps, Google+ and organic search results. According to the 2017 edition of Moz’ Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, Google My Business continues to be the biggest driver of local SEO success, with quality links coming in at a close second.

You can manage your business listing by adding NAP details (name, address and phone number), opening hours, etc.

There are many factors involved in your Google local listing optimization but here are some of the most important according to Google.

Google Maps Listing Optimization: Obtaining and Responding to Reviews

Many times on this blog we have discussed the importance of obtaining Google reviews. You can never have too many Google reviews. But there are other factors involved including getting reviews consistently. Several surveys have said that people who are reading reviews will ignore all reviews that are older than six months. So even if you got a bunch of reviews three years ago those reviews become less and less effective especially for those that are looking for help.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you get consistent Google reviews automatically check out our 5 Star Doc Reputation Builder System service.

Another big factor is the importance of responding to all Google reviews. Google rewards those listings that have replied to all Google reviews even if it's just thank you very much for sharing your experience there is a portion of their algorithm that rewards this type of interaction.

How to Optimize Your Google Maps Listing for Search Engines and New Patients
How to Optimize Your Google Maps Listing for Search Engines and New Patients
How to Optimize Your Google Maps Listing for Search Engines and New Patients

Google Local Listing Optimization: Optimizing with Pictures

Another factor that’s becoming more and more important is consistently adding new pictures to your listing. Google rewards those local listings that are regularly updating their listing with additional pictures. So when we optimize our client Google local listings we make sure that we add any pictures that we have for the doctor and there clinic to improve the effectiveness.

Adding additional photos on a monthly basis will continue to optimize the listing going forward.

Google My Business Listing Optimization: Completely Fill out All Information

Another factor is to make sure that the listing is completely filled out. All aspects of the listing need to be completely populated including categories, website, clinic information, descriptions etc.

You want your Google local listing to rank well make sure everything is populated.

Posting to Your Google Local Listing

You can also now post directly to your Google my business listing similar to how you could post to Google plus in the past. As Google has moved away from Google plus they are now allowing you to post directly on your Google local listing.

Here’s an example:

google local listing

You can create 100 to 300 word posts that include pictures. You can also turn your post into an event or add call to action buttons. This is now being encouraged for all local businesses.

Keep Updating Your Google Maps Listing

It’s critical to remember that this is not a set it and forget it type of thing. Things change, your business changes. Keep everything active, monitor reviews and stay on top of things. It’s frustrating if your listing doesn’t perform as well as you’d like, but keep putting in the hours, and it will work. You can also keep up to date with Google’s guidelines here.

If you don’t want to have to put in the hours and keep thinking about this you may want to consider delegating your online marketing to us.

We are experts in establishing you as the go to doc online in your community.

Schedule a market analysis and blueprint to see the possibilities in your area. Many of our doctors are attracting 10, 20, 30, 40 or more new patients per month from the Internet alone.

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