How to Select the BEST Chiropractic Marketing Agency

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Choosing the BEST Chiropractic Marketing Agency

You’re an upper cervical specialist. You bring a specialized service and expertise to chiropractic care that requires continued research, analysis and a pursuit of knowledge and understanding to provide the BEST care and results for your patients. Upper cervical care is what you do BEST. How should you select a chiropractic marketing agency?

So, make sure you get the RIGHT marketing company to do what THEY do best!

But where do you start? I mean, how can you be sure a chiropractic marketing agency will represent you well or is a good fit? How can you be sure you’re not being hoodwinked into purchasing a service that is weak or subpar…or worse…that doesn’t understand the unique work that you do?

Don’t worry…I can help you with this.

But first, let me acknowledge the obvious: I’m in the chiropractic marketing business (specifically the upper cervical marketing business) so how can I possibly be unbiased in this? It’s true that I believe Upper Cervical Marketing is THE best online chiropractic marketing for UC docs (If I didn’t, I wouldn’t do what I do). However, maybe we aren’t the right fit for you, your market or your budget. Bottom line, no matter which chiropractic marketing agency you choose…we want you to WIN!

Simply put, it’s not about us, it’s about helping to bring hope and healing to sick and suffering people.

4 key factors to consider when selecting a Chiropractic Marketing Agency…

Select a marketing agency with THE BEST VALUE:

At the end of the day, this is where the rubber meets the road. If the value just isn’t there then don’t do it! You will almost certainly be happiest when you select the company that brings the BEST value to you and your practice. Several areas affect this:

Marketing Aptitude – Talent and ability adds great value. Does the chiropractic marketing agency current marketing innovations? Can they point to achieving results for specific clients in your field? Do they command a high standard of excellence in their content production?

Positioning – It is crucial that you be positioned as THE go-to doc in your area and a marketer must understand how to communicate you as UC specific. This is a BIG value. Sometimes a bad promotion or positioning can actually HURT your practice so be sure they “get what you do.”

Comprehensive – Simply throwing money at Facebook ads won’t cut it these days. The “best value” marketing company will incorporate different tactics to achieve consistent, steady results. Make sure they have a variety of ways to work on your online presence and reputation while attracting qualified new patients and generating more referrals.

Speaking of value, the book, Upper Cervical Practice Mastery has a TON of great info

 Select a marketing agency with THE RIGHT RESULTS:

A GREAT chiropractic marketing company is one that has taken the time to learn where you are with your practice, where you want to go…and identifies how to get you there. They will itch where you scratch. In addition to some of what has been mentioned already, the typical “Right Results” doctors look for from their marketing includes:

  • Free Up Time: – AN EXCELLENT chiropractic marketing agency will help you have MORE TIME to do what you love by providing a service that takes key tasks and responsibilities off your plate.
  • QUALIFIED New Patients – It’s fairly simple to get just any old tire kicker into your office, but that will just waste your time and frustrate you. Your marketing company should attract the RIGHT kind of new patient: someone who is educated a bit on UC care, has a chronic condition and is motivated to get started. These are the best people to work with!
  • Increased Collections – For the most part, all of us are in UC care because we truly want to make a difference in peoples’ lives. But, if your marketing program isn’t giving you a solid Return on Investment, then something needs to change. Bottom line, RIGHT results includes getting more people in the door who start care and stay in care.
  • Look Great Online – This has been touched on already in the previous section, but any great chiropractic marketing agency should KNOW how to position you online in an attractive and engaging way as an upper cervical doctor while developing a stellar online reputation.


Select a marketing agency with THE IDEAL FIT:

When you make the decision to link up with a chiropractic marketing agency, you are now in a business relationship. And, as with any relationship, it needs to be a “fit” if you want it to be POSITIVE. In light of this, 2 things come to mind for you to consider:

Compatibility – Don’t make the mistake in thinking every chiropractic marketing agency is the same. This isn’t the case with people, chiropractic offices and certainly not with marketers. When you have a marketing team representing you to your community and working with you regularly it only makes sense to be in sync. Any GREAT chiropractic marketing will TRULY understand who you are and what you do. Even better is if they have the same drive and passion that you do for UC care…the same heartbeat!

By the way, here’s a cool tool to uncover and communicate your core values

Love Your Marketing – Ok, this one is a bit intangible, but you know when you have it. When you speak with the marketing specialists do you sense that it is truly an ideal fit? Do you know they have your best interest at heart? Maybe for you it’s being positioned as the trusted and respected doctor that you are. Or maybe you love being able to connect better with veterans in your area or reaching people who suffer from chronic migraines. With any GREAT chiropractic marketing company, they should have a strategy and a way about them that makes you say, “Yes! I love this!”


Select a marketing agency with THE GREATEST SUPPORT:

Sure, you SAY you love me, but “What have you done for me lately?” The last thing you want is to link up with a marketing company that goes MIA on you. Or, you discover that instead of making your life easier, your marketing is frustrating you and sucking up your time. Every GREAT chiropractic marketing company is:

Hands On – Will the members of the chiropractic marketing agency team be reachable? How quick can they respond to and resolve any issues that arise? Are they able to help support and promote your special events? Bottom line, your marketing company should be available to you and able to respond reactively and proactively.

Doctor Friendly – Any great chiropractic marketing agency should help free you up to do what you do best. Sure, you and your team will be involved (I mean, it IS a relationship), but it shouldn’t feel like a burden. I call it, “doctor friendly.” What does your chiropractic marketing company do for you so you don’t have to? Things like: write a marketing plan and calendar, provide ongoing insights, meet with you 1-on-1 to review and strategize, write content for you, provide tools to help your team, etc. Go doctor friendly!


Great Marketing Works!

We live in a digital age with billions of people accessing information and interacting with businesses online. Having systems in place that work for you helps you tap into this market and in turn reach more people in your area with your message of hope and healing. Great marketing will also be a solid tool to integrate with your internal and external events; providing tools and support to make them more successful.

Remember, when you want to select a GREAT chiropractic marketing agency, choose the one that brings:

  • The best VALUE
  • The right RESULTS
  • The ideal FIT
  • The greatest SUPPORT

Also, and yes I’m circling back around to this, I think it is worth your time to check us out at Upper Cervical Marketing. In my completely biased opinion, you won’t find a better group of men and women in the marketing community for upper cervical doctors. You can explore our website to learn more or schedule a time to talk by clicking here.

It’s time to take upper cervical to the world! Hire the best chiropractic marketing agency today!

About the Author: Dr. Bill Davis
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