Facebook Ads in Chiropractic Internet Marketing

Facebook ads have been an effective chiropractic marketing strategy for many years now. But as with everything in the internet marketing world they are always changing. Facebook regularly changes its algorithm. This makes it more difficult to do effective Facebook chiropractic ads.

So, let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of Facebook ads in 2019.

So, here’s three don’ts.

Don’t Use Questions

According to Facebook ad policies you cannot use questions that ask about a person’s health status. For example, “Do you have back pain?” Instead, you need to turn this into a statement. But, you even have to be careful with this as well.

Don’t Insinuate a Cure

When you make statements in a Facebook ad you have to be very careful in order to not violate Facebook ad policies. Any statement that could be insinuated as promising a cure will not be accepted. Facebook may not even tolerate something as innocent as “Chiropractic Helps Back Pain” as they could consider that a truth claim.

Don’t Use Pictures with Red Painful Areas

Another issue with Facebook ad policies for chiropractic ads has to do with pictures. Facebook will generally not accept pictures with people in pain who have red painful areas highlighted.

If you would like to attempt to get a full understanding of Facebook’s ad policies you can read them here. But, be careful! Many things must be learned simply from trial and error. We at Upper Cervical Marketing do over ¼ of $1 million worth of Facebook ads for our clients every year. Even our experts have trouble getting ads approved sometimes due to consistent algorithm changes.

And here’s 3 dos.

Do Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are still extremely effective as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. But, keep in mind Facebook’s compliance standards when you run ads. Also, be sure to include these as part of everything else you’re doing on Facebook, such as: video content, live video, posts, pictures, etc.

Do Record Videos

Video content is extremely important on Facebook today. You can use your videos in Facebook ads, boosted posts, and more. Facebook live videos are also an effective strategy for connecting with potential new patients.

Do Get Help

Without a doubt, keeping up with Facebook ad policies is extremely challenging and complicated. We have one full-time team member who only handles Facebook ads with our company. Attempting to run an upper cervical practice while keeping up with Facebook algorithm changes is not feasible. And it’s not just Facebook. Google just rolled out a huge algorithm change as well. Internet marketing is a constantly moving target and it’s important to partner with a company that understands it, keeps up with it, and can help you implement and innovate consistently online.

If you would like to talk with us about your upper cervical practice and see if we would be a good partner for you to reach people online through Facebook ads as part of a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy feel free to give us a call at 877-252-1230. We are here to help.


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