Chiropractic Advertising – Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors: Why Facebook?

Social media marketing for chiropractors Facebook is by far the most popular and highly used social media channel today. As of March 2017 Facebook had 1.94 billion active users. People use it more than any other site and spend a lot of time each day sharing content, reviewing posts and contributing to conversations.

If your clinic does not have a Facebook business page you need to get started.

Here are some incredible Facebook statistics:

  • 1.28 billion users log in to Facebook every day
  • The average time spent on Facebook per visit is 20 minutes
  • There was an 18% increase in Facebook users from 2016 to 2017

Previously in this blog, we have discussed what you should be posting on your practice’s Facebook page, and how you can grow the number of people who like your page. But today we’re going get specific about how to connect with local people in your community who are on Facebook every day through Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads for Your Upper Cervical Practice

Facebook ads can be an important part of your chiropractic marketing strategy. There are a variety of ways that you can use Facebook to promote your upper cervical practice to your local community. This would include boosting your posts, promoting your page to receive more likes, creating an offer that can be promoted, and creating Facebook ads for chiropractic marketing that drive traffic to a landing page, either on Facebook or on your website.

Facebook ad checklistDownload our Facebook Ad Checklist and make sure your chiropractic ads are communicating effectively to your target market.

Let’s discuss each of these in detail:

Boosting Your Posts

When you post something on your Facebook business page only a small percentage of your fans actually see it. On average approximately 16% of your fans will see your post (2 to 47% depending on the post). So if you want more people to see your posts, you need to boost them. When you boost a post you are extending your reach for that post beyond just your number of fans to include friends of your fans as well. This can be an excellent way to connect with your existing fans, but more importantly with friends of your fans. This is essentially like a referral to your page from your fans. You can boost that post for as little as 5 dollars so can be an excellent value for connecting with more people in your community.

Promoting Your Page to Receive More Likes

Another strategy for connecting with more people in your community is by promoting your page. On your admin page if you click on the left-hand side of the page, the button that says promote page it will open a new window with a variety of options. You will be able to choose the location you would like your ad to show in, the interests that the people have, the age and gender of the people, your budget and when you want your ad to be shown. So if you want to connect with more people in Louisville, Kentucky who have migraines headaches, are interested in natural health, and are thirty-five-year-old women you can do that. This can be a powerful strategy.