Facebook marketing for chiropractors has been a tremendous source of qualified new patients over the past 5 to 10 years.  But it is important to understand that Facebook is always changing and if you are doing Facebook marketing yourself it can be a real challenge.

I’m going to give you some general tips that will help you improve your Facebook marketing for your upper cervical practice. But it is also important understand that in order to have a successful digital marketing campaign you should not put all of your eggs in the Facebook basket. A comprehensive strategy that utilizes Facebook along with Google, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and optimized website etc. is how you really can explode your practice through the Internet.

Facebook Marketing for Chiropractors

To be successful on Facebook you want to have a variety of posts that you’re putting on your Facebook page in order to engage existing and potential new patients. Here are 5 examples of effective posts to use on your business’s Facebook page.

Live Videos of You, Your Team and Your Patients

You should record as many live videos as possible in your practice and in the community.  If your office does internal or external events you should be doing live videos at these events. If your office is celebrating an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion this is another great time for a short live video.

Another way to use live video effectively is by recording your new patient orientation class live.

You can also do live Doctor videos answering frequently asked questions and even live video testimonials.

The more live video that you do on your page the more you will be rewarded by Facebook.

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

Taking pictures daily should also be part of your consistent Facebook marketing strategy. Potential new patients love to see pictures of smiling existing patients with you and your staff. You can also post pictures of you and your family, your dog or whatever. Also, consider recording a live video of yourself. Lastly, you could also upload pictures and include internal and external events or more.

Blog Articles

Another great piece of content for your Facebook business page is consistent blog content. Writing articles or having a professional marketing team create blog content for you and post them to your Facebook page is another way to educate and engage potential and existing patients.

Announcements and Promotions

If your office has a big announcement or promotion that is coming up your Facebook page is a great place to make everyone aware of the event.

Jokes and Quotes

Lastly, people love to share funny pictures or inspirational quotes on Facebook. So make sure you are sprinkling some of these consistently as well.

If your Facebook page has a combination of all of these types of posts it will make for an engaging environment for both existing and potential new patients.

Along with organic Facebook posts it is important to have other elements for your Facebook marketing. Consider having an effective: Facebook ads strategy, messenger strategy, video strategy and your entire Facebook page optimized for search and conversion. I have written about these other aspects of Facebook marketing for chiropractors in other posts. Please feel free to browse the site for more great tips and tricks about Facebook.


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