Landing Pages for Chiropractors

landing pages for chiropractorsYour prospective patients are looking for help on the Internet. According to the Pew Internet Research Center 72% of internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year.

The most commonly-researched topics are specific diseases or conditions; treatments or procedures; and doctors or other health professionals.

Prospective patients are out there looking for help. Now you just need to position yourself with trust and credibility on the Internet.

One excellent strategy to use is a landing page and email auto responder combination.

Here’s the basic flow:

  1. Your prospective new patient is on a search engine or social media channel
  2. The prospective patient clicks on an article, video, advertisement, post, etc.
  3. The patient then ends up on a specially designed landing page
  4. Based on the video or text on the landing page, the patient enters their basic information including name and email to give you permission to send them a series of emails
  5. The patient then receives a series of emails designed to build a relationship and eventually come into your office as a new patient.

What is great about this type of Internet marketing, is once it is set up it a can provide a consistent flow of new patients into your office.

Doing It Yourself

If you are going to design and implement this type of marketing approach yourself, here’s what you would need to do:

Design a Landing Page

One of the easiest tools to use to design a landing page is GetResponse. They have a 30 day free trial. And after that it’s $15-$30 per month. This service will allow you to design a landing page and the landing page will even be put automatically on your Facebook practice page as well.



They also give you great statistics, templates and hundreds of free images included in the service for you to utilize in your landing pages. It is well worth the cost.

Design an Email Campaign

Next, you will want to design a series of emails and load them into an autoresponder. Once again the service I recommend is GetResponse. They make it very easy to design a series of emails that will be sent out a specific day after the person has signed up on your landing page. And they give you the same great statistics, templates and images to use in your emails. All for $30 a month; which includes the email auto responder capability and landing page designer.

Design Your Channels to Get Them to Your Landing Page

The last step is to utilize content marketing strategies such as videos, blogs, articles, social media posts, etc. that will drive traffic to your landing page.

The problem is most doctors don’t have the time or energy to focus on doing Internet-based marketing effectively. And that is why upper cervical was created, to help you connect with more prospective new patients on the Internet.

We can help you through every part of the process. From designing your landing pages and email campaigns to creating videos, blogs, articles, and social media posts all from an upper cervical specific perspective.

Get a free website evaluation for your upper cervical practice to take the first step to seeing how we can help you by clicking the button below.

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