How to Use Testimonial Videos to Promote Your Upper Cervical Practice

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Testimonial Videos

youtubeCertainly, proper use of testimonial videos is an important part of an Internet marketing strategy to promote your upper cervical practice.

Here is a step-by-step process for testimonial video marketing for upper cervical chiropractors.

  1. A short testimonial video can be a powerful way to connect emotionally with prospective new patients. No more than 2 minutes.
  2. Any longer than 2 minutes and most people won’t watch it. If you share it on Facebook or someone sees it in search results they are more likely to watch it if it is short.
  3. Have your CA keep your smartphone at the front desk
  4. Any time anyone says anything nice about you, your practice or the care, have your CA take a very quick video on your smartphone and then post it to your YouTube channel.
  5. Smartphone testimonial videos are much more effective than a professionally produced video at creating trust and credibility. Because a smartphone video will appear spontaneous, genuine and more emotional than a professionally produced video where many people may think the person talking is an actor.

Optimizing, Promoting and Distributing a Video

Producing a great video is just the beginning. Next is the most important step, which is search engine optimizing your video. This includes proper keyword integration into your title, description, and tags.

Once your video has been uploaded to YouTube and is properly search engine optimized the last step is distributing that video across social media channels, but also to other video sites and directories.

How to Use Testimonial Videos to Promote Your Upper Cervical Practice
How to Use Testimonial Videos to Promote Your Upper Cervical Practice
How to Use Testimonial Videos to Promote Your Upper Cervical Practice

At we can take your testimonial videos make them into an effective marketing tool for your practice.

We will edit, search engine optimize and promote each of your videos including:

  • Branding your videos with an animated logo bumper
  • Place a customized call to action with your clinic’s contact information including name, address, phone number and website link.
  • Upload revised videos to clinic’s YouTube channel with annotations
  • Place titles, tags, and descriptions on each of the videos for proper keyword utilization and search engine optimization
  • Submit each of the videos to 55 additional video sharing sites and directories for search engine optimization

To find out more about our Video Optimization and Promotion Service click here.

To learn more about testimonial video marketing for chiropractors get your copy of our free e-book 5 Ways You Should Be Using Video in Your Upper Cervical Practice below:

Upper cervical Video marketing
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