How to use the Most Googled topics, words & phrases to Improve Blogging for Chiropractors

2016 Blogging for Chiropractors

Paleo diet

As an Upper Cervical Doctor one of the most effective ways that you can improve your search engine rankings, website, social media presence and more is by consistently blogging. Either you personally or if you have an online marketing company like Upper Cervical Marketing working with you should be blogging between 2 and 4 times per month. But what should you blog about this year? One of the best ways to determine how to pick good blog topics is by looking at the trends of what people are already interested in and searching for on Google. Recently Google came out with its 2015 year in search which breaks down the top searches for a variety of different topics. These lists are a great place to mine for blog topics. Here are a few great examples from the lists:


Woman Warrior

  • UFC
    • Rhonda Rousey, ultimate fighter #1
    • Holly Holm, ultimate fighter #2
  • NBA
    • Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors #3

Anytime you can connect your blog posts to well-known and interesting athletes is good. In 2015 ultimate fighting was extremely popular. With 2 different female ultimate fighters ranking number one and number 2 in all athletes who were searched in Google in 2015.

Food and Drinks


  • Toasted Graham Latte
  • Palm Breeze
  • Starbucks Flat White
  • Grilled Stuff Nachos
  • Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish

People are extremely interested in how many calories different foods and drinks have. These 5 food and drink items were searched more than any others. Utilizing these food and drink names in your blog posts and then talking about proper nutrition may be a good way to get more traffic to your blog.


Paleo diet

  • 20/20 Diet
  • Carb Cycle Diet
  • Paleo Diet
  • GM Diet Plan
  • Military Diet Plan

Diets are another frequently searched topic. These were the top 5 most searched diets in 2015. You can utilize these diets in your blog post titles to connect with interested visitors.


Pills In Hand

  • Antibiotics #2
  • Xanax #4
  • Adderall #5
  • Ibuprofen #6
  • Tramadol #7
  • Steroids #8
  • Oxycodone #9
  • Acetaminophen #10

Our society has been trained to think “a pill for every ill” and Google reflects that with one of the most commonly searched words of 2015 being different medication names. You can utilize these commonly searched medications in your blog posts and present upper cervical as an alternative to these poisons.


Yoga woman relaxing by sea

  • Yoga with Adriene
  • Yoga Challenge
  • 21 Day Fix
  • CrossFit
  • Beach Body

Popular workouts can be another great topic to utilize in your blog posts. Here are the top 5 workouts searched in 2015. You can utilize these in a variety of ways in blog posts.

Symptoms/Health Conditions

depressed man

  • Flu #1 in the US
  • Fibromyalgia #1 in the UK
  • Sinus Infection #5 in the US
  • Depression #6 in the UK
  • Diabetes #7 in the UK
  • Anxiety #7 in the US
  • Pneumonia #5 in the UK

Another great place to get blog topics is by looking at the most searched symptoms and health conditions of 2015. You can write blog posts about ways to improve the function of your immune system to avoid flus, pneumonia, sinus infections etc. You can also talk about natural ways to address depression, anxiety, diabetes, fibromyalgia (hint: upper cervical helps all these things :-))

Health Questions

health Tip water versus soda

  • How much water should I drink?
  • How many calories should I eat?
  • What is Lupus?
  • What is gluten?
  • How long does the flu last?

Common health questions is another place to get great blog content. Questions about water and calories are pretty common every year. Gluten is a hot topic. Once again the flu comes up. And Lupus because in the fall of 2015, pop star Selena Gomez revealed that her time away from the spotlight in 2014—which many tabloids attributed to drug and alcohol addition—was actually to treat lupus. In 2016 look to predict trends like this. When celebrities or athletes are diagnosed with different conditions the number of searches for that condition will go up tremendously. Blogging about it at that time will help to improve your search engine optimization and social reach.

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