How to use Upper Cervical Videos on a YouTube Page to Dominate Google

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Video Marketing


YouTube is the most popular search engine in the world, other than Google. And because Google owns YouTube, it is likely that YouTube is here to stay as a dominant force in search engines.

Do you have an upper cervical YouTube channel?

If not, you are missing out.

Many people searching on the Internet for help with their health issues would rather watch a video then read an article. Video can be an extremely effective way to communicate your unique upper cervical approach.

Upper Cervical Videos

Here are some ideas of videos that you could do for your upper cervical practice:

  1. Testimonial video marketing for chiropractors
    1. A short testimonial video can be a powerful way to connect emotionally with prospective new patients. No more than 2 minutes.
    2. Any longer than 2 minutes and most people won’t watch it. If you share it on Facebook or someone sees it in search results they are more likely to watch it if it is short.
    3. Have your CA keep your smart phone at the front desk
    4. Any time anyone says anything nice about you, your practice or the care, have your CA take a very quick video on your smart phone and then post it to your YouTube channel. ii. Smartphone testimonial videos are much more effective than a professionally produced video at creating trust and credibility. Because a smart phone video will appear spontaneous, genuine and more emotional than a professionally produced video where many people may think the person talking is an actor.
  2. Videos of you and your office
    1. A video of you telling your upper cervical chiropractic story
    2. Another one describing your upper cervical technique
    3. You talking about a particular condition

These types of videos are more important to have them professionally produced. Now, the most important thing is to get your videos to rank in Google searches.

Ranking Your Upper Cervical Chiropractic Videos

Once you’ve produced your video, the next step is make sure that you take the right steps to make it show up in search engines and that it is actionable to make that prospective patient come into your office. Here are a few tips to optimize your video content on YouTube:

  • Use your video title as an opportunity to target a key phrase
    • If your practice is looking to connect with people suffering with cluster headaches, then make sure you get a video testimonial from someone that you helped with cluster headaches.
    • Next, title that video, natural relief for cluster headaches in your town, your state
    • In the description portion of your video upload, describe your video accurately using the proper keywords
      • Once again, using the example of cluster headaches, make sure you place the key phrase natural relief for cluster headaches in your town, your state in the description as well
      • Lastly, make sure your tags contain your key phrase
        • You want your tags to contain natural relief for cluster headaches in your town your state also
How to use Upper Cervical Videos on a YouTube Page to Dominate Google
How to use Upper Cervical Videos on a YouTube Page to Dominate Google
How to use Upper Cervical Videos on a YouTube Page to Dominate Google

Here’s how to make it actionable:

  • Embed a link within your video to your website
  • Embed your phone number
  • Place a button with a special offer within the video
  • Make sure you tell people exactly what they should do next
    • Example, click here for your cluster headache evaluation

Follow these steps and you too can produce a fantastic upper cervical YouTube page!

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