How to Improve Re-Activations and Referrals For Your Upper Cervical Practice

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Upper Cervical Practice Growth

Upper cervical practice growthIn order for your practice to grow 2 things need to happen; you need to consistently attract new patients and you need to retain the patients that you have. It’s really that simple. If you keep the patients you have and get more new patients then your practice will grow. But if you cannot generate enough new patients and you can retain the patients you have then your practice will shrink or be stagnant.

Generating new patients is crucial. Almost every Upper Cervical Doctor that I have ever spoken with has somewhat of a new patient problem. Either they cannot attract ENOUGH new patients or they cannot CONSISTENTLY attract new patients.

To consistently attract enough new patients the best upper cervical practices will have a variety of different paths that a new patient will come down into their practice. Think of your practice being in the center of the city and imagine a variety of roads leading to the center of the city. The more roads you have and the bigger those roads are the more people will arrive in the center of the city. In that same way the more variety of ways (roads) you are attracting new patients into your practice the better.

We recommend always having 3 internal marketing initiatives in place and 3 external marketing initiatives in place per month. Remember referrals are not an internal marketing initiative. Referrals are the byproduct of internal marketing.

You can track your internal and external marketing initiatives by utilizing our Chiropractic Marketing Plan Calendar. If you don’t have this already this is a great tool to keep track of all your marketing on a weekly and monthly basis. If you don’t have it go ahead and grab it now.

So many doctors rely on results only in order to create referrals for their practice. But everyone expects to get good results or they wouldn’t be in your practice. Results alone do not create raving fans who refer others. If you don’t give them tools to refer others then you will not have consistent new patients from internal marketing.

Generating Referrals

There are a variety of internal marketing strategies to generate internal referrals from your existing patients. Here we recommended the 3 best internal marketing approaches we have found. Along with these strategies it is important that you are consistently staying top of mind with your patients. Online marketing plays a crucial role in this including social media and email marketing.

When one of your patients see a post from you on their Facebook feed that makes them think of you. When they think about you there more likely to talk about you. In that same way when you send monthly upper cervical specific email newsletters that are custom designed to educate and encourage referrals you are staying top of mind.

Another important factor is the teach to testify principle. When someone tells their story about how you helped them they’re more likely to tell that story to a friend or family member. This is another important reason for video testimonials and online reviews. As both of these reputation building strategies are times when the patient is telling their story. This has incredible benefits for attracting new patients but also great benefits for the person who is telling the story to encourage referrals.

If you haven’t already grab our resource How to Get 100 Google Reviews and Become the Go to Doctor Everyone Wants to See as this is the best resource available to help you consistently get online reviews and video testimonials for your upper cervical practice.

How to Improve Re-Activations and Referrals For Your Upper Cervical Practice
How to Improve Re-Activations and Referrals For Your Upper Cervical Practice
How to Improve Re-Activations and Referrals For Your Upper Cervical Practice

Increasing Re-activations

Another way to increase retention and new patients is through reactivating inactive patients. Monthly email newsletters and social media posts can help with re-activations. But another excellent way to reactivate old patients is through our 5 Star Doc Reputation Management System. Utilizing your email list we send a feedback first email to your patients asking for their feedback on your clinic. Positive feedback is redirected to your online review sites while negative feedback is not. This system not only generates online reviews (5 – 10 per month on average) but also is great at creating re-activations. If the patient had great results in your office and just has stopped coming in for whatever reason a reminder of the great results that they had by giving you feedback is frequently the nudge they need to schedule an appointment. Recently one of our doctors had to re-activations in the first 3 days of running our 5 Star Doc System.

This system will also give you a good understanding of how satisfied your patients are with your services. Our system automatically gives your practice a Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is a cumulative score based on the feedback received from your patients. Here’s an example of part of the report that you can get from our system on a monthly basis.

Re-activations for your upper cervical practice

This net promoter score is a good indication of how likely your patients are to refer others. If you’re not consistently attracting new patients then once again you are likely not providing the tools necessary for your internal marketing initiatives.

Having referral and reactivation strategies in place are an important part of the successful upper cervical practice. So have fun and change some lives!

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